Planning Board OK’s rezoning for Bringle Ferry Road business expansion

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 11, 2019

By Liz Moomey

SALISBURY — It’s been nearly two years since Joel Flores was before the city’s Planning Board asking to rezone property on Bringle Ferry Road to expand J&J Tire and Auto Center.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board once again recommended rezoning the same four lots and three additional ones from urban residential to corridor-mixed use. They include 405 and 437 Bringle Ferry Road, 714 N. Shaver Street, 424 and 430 E. Lafayette St. and two unnumbered lots.

The auto repair shop, located at 401 Bringle Ferry Road, is currently zoned as corridor-mixed use.

The rezoning was recommended by the Planning Board Jan. 23, 2018, was considered for approval by the City Council at its Feb. 6, 2018 meeting. Some council members said they were OK with the rezoning but had concerns about separating the nearby properties.

The Council asked Flores to meet with a committee to decide what’s best to create a buffer.

At following council meeting on Feb. 20, 2018, meeting minutes state Flores met with two council members and a city staff member and they wanted more time to review alternative zoning options.

The application approved Tuesday would rezone a whole block to be corridor-mixed use.

Corridor-mixed use allows for more types of buildings with the exception of some housing. Current residences would be legally nonconforming.

Board members on Tuesday tossed out a hypothetical: What happens if a home was destroyed? Would they then be corridor-mixed use and not be able to rebuild?

Barringer said owners would have 180 days to be permitted to rebuild if the structure was destroyed by a fire or a tornado, perhaps.

Flores included notarized signed petitions of the parcel’s owners being in favor of a zoning from residential to corridor-mixed use.

Member P.J. Ricks asked Development Services Manager Teresa Barringer the benefits of the rezoning for the property owners.

“From a zoning perspective if they plan to market their property in the future as a commercial property, it could potentially add value to the selling of the property that now commercial is available,” Barringer said.

She continued to say on the flip disc going from a residential to a commercial zoning could increase the tax base.

The board unanimously approved the recommendation for the rezoning. Flores, once again, will go before City Council for final approval for the rezoning of the seven parcels.

Other business:

• The board approved a variance request from Jeff Hayes for an accessory structure to be located in the rear street yard. Hayes wanted to keep his covered patio and storage building he had already built. Hayes lives on Secret Garden Court. The back of his property is Eastwood Drive. According to the city’s land development ordinance, no accessory structure can be build on a street yard.

Bill Burgin said he was in favor of the approval because Haynes was not allowed to have something that everyone has, which is a backyard. 

Haynes said he will be planting some trees to create a privacy barrier from Eastwood Drive.