Ask Us: Is the four-way stop at Stokes Ferry and Newsome roads permanent?

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 2, 2019

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SALISBURY — The intersection of Stokes Ferry and Newsome roads is a four-way stop.

A reader said he was under the impression that the configuration “was to be only temporary.” He asked if the intersection would change now that Newsome Road is extended to Faith Road.

“The four-way stop configuration at the Stokes Ferry/Newsome intersection has been in place for many years and appears to be functioning well,” said Pat Ivey, a division engineer with the North Carolina Division of Transportation. “N.C. DOT has not been asked to make any changes to this configuration.”

Wendy G. Brindle, the Salisbury city engineer, also said the four-way stop is “currently functioning well, with no plans to change it to a two-way in the near future.”

For now, she says that improvements are going to be made on Newsome Road between Stokes Ferry and Bringle Ferry roads beginning in February.

“Construction will last a little over a year. We expect decreased traffic at the intersection during this time,” Brindle said. “Once Newsome Road improvements are made, we will evaluate the area.”