Education Shoutouts: Sacred Heart teacher gets grant

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sacred Heart wins grant
Sacred Heart Catholic School and Erin Brinkley received a $1,200 Bright Eyes Education Grant to develop an aeroponics program.
Aeroponics is cutting-edge technology in which plants are grown and nourished as their root structures are suspended in air. Students will be able to study the environmental benefits, engineering logistics, and complexity of feeding communities where rich soil and water are limited resources.
The school hopes to develop a sustaining program that will provide fresh produce in its food pantry every week, helping supplement the canned goods that are available.
Sacred Heart hopes the grant will help students better understand the complexity of feeding the world, especially in countries where optimal soil and water are not available.
Honor roll
Sacred Heart Catholic School has named students to the first trimester honor roll.
Third grade: Briana Avilez, Emma Hellard, Gracie Lineberry and Holly Whittington.
Fourth grade: Oly Berra, Bennett Brinkley, Michael Bristol, Kate Donaldson, Nick Frank, Isabella Laney, Trisha Roy and Conner Welsh.
Fifth grade: Kendyl Causey, Gianluca DeMary, Josephina Huynh, Maya Villalobos, Will Walters and Mikko Zaldivar.
Sixth grade: Mayla Brinkley, Lauren Childress, Kennedy Goodman, Mark Le, Skye Leo-Simonoko, Nathan McKie, Dylan Nguyen and Megan Nguyen.
Seventh grade: Mitchell Allen, Jayda Barber, Marion Blake, Tony Frank, Maddison Glenn, Eva Lamanno and Amanda Nollenberger.
Eighth grade: Emma Rose Dishman, Kaiden Dulkoski, Rachel Flynn, Gray Goodman and Theresa Hurysz.