Public records: Deeds

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 3, 2019

Deeds from the Rowan County Register of Deeds Office

Atwell Township

Mary Beaver Elmore and husband to James Edward Abernathy Jr. and wife, $112,500

Deborah Byrne Tamberelli to Jose A. Aguilar Tadeo; Lizet Candiani, $153,000

Richard Phillips and wife to Daniel M. Wallace and wife, two parcels, $327,000

Steven Randall Sloop Jr. and Brandi Lee Sloop to David Preston Knight and spouse, $204,000

Barry Lee Miller and Tamara C. Miller to Devin Lee Miller, $95,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Guillermina Nava Barrera; Severiano Sotelo Sanchez, $30,000

David Carter Hughey Jr., both as executor of the estate of David C. Hughey Sr. and individually, and wife to Mary Ann Parsons, $219,000

Jeremy Martin and spouse to Stephanie Renee Holbert; Benjamin B. Hottel, $287,000

China Grove Township

Cornerstone Cabarrus to Graham Tree Properties LLC, $65,000

Shannon Lee James to Michael J. Kennedy and wife, $230,000

Russell Hawk Jr. and wife to Mitchell Cornelius Medlin III and wife, $144,000

Larry W. Page Family LP to Lamont Shontez Malin, $161,500

Cornerstone Cabarrus LLC to E Squared Properties LLC, $65,000

Atlantica LLC to Kannapolis Properties LLC, $60,000

Heather M. Messina to Justin Moose, two parcels $60,000

True Homes LLC to Linda Mungedi, $230,000

Linda P. Leonard to John Marshall Eubanks and wife, $7,500

Charles M. Morgan and wife to Margaret Grace Deal, $128,000

Ramon Ramirez Alvarez and wife to David Miller Realty & Investment Inc., two parcels, $10,000

William Claude Billings to Martha Rentas Gardner; Rose M. Tentas; Felix J. Garcia; Frances L. Garcis, $100,000

Reece Everette Wise III to Michael Lawrence Upright and Angela Orbison Upright, $85,000

Roland Eugene Grant and spouse to All 4 U Homes LLC, $12,500

Sandra D. Raper and husband; Amy D. Conner and husband; Vickie D. Pate and husband; Patricia D. Eagle and husband to Steven D. Ross and wife, $55,000

Randy Lee Melton to Dem Properties LLC, $425,000

Nina Flynn and husband to ETC Custodian FBO Sarfaraz Bukhari Ira, $16,000

Nina Flynn and husband to ETC Custodian FBO Sarfaraz Bukhari Ira, $16,000

Kathleen G. Starnes Gainey to Favored14properties LLC, $46,000

SPH One LLLP to Matthew Sullivan and wife, $210,000

Elaine Young Snow to Lenore Henrietta Trisvan, $148,000

Richard P. Tokarski Jr. and wife to Daniel Stallworth, $139,000

Stacey Honeycutt and husband to Daniel Horton, $164,500

Journey Capital LLC to EOH 2 Assets LLC, two parcels $399,000

Cornerstone Cabarrus LLC to E Squared Properties LLC, $60,000

Claudine A. Bostian to Clarence Vone Purser and wife, $15,000

Dorothy Thomas Freeze to Larry W. Page Family Limited Partnership, $80,000

Teresa Roxanne Whittington Hamilton to Jason G. Bebber, $62,000

KV Properties of Rowan to R&R Ventures of Rowan LLC, $50,000

J.A. Deaton Properties Limited Partnership to Joe Calvin Honeycutt life estate with remainder to Barbara
McCollum and Tammy Hoke, $150,000

Robert Alan Dwiggins and wife; Charles M. Burgess and wife; Julia S. Dwiggins to Dustin Eric Reynolds and spouse, $101,000

Chrystal L. Spencer to Sally Sue Baldwin, $149,500

Christopher Goodman and wife to Braeden Jewell Barr; Blake Lee Houston, $297,000

Betty Laney to Robbie S. Bentley and spouse, $22,000

Sloop Family LLC to Ken Kellis Builders Inc., $30,000

HC Charleston LLC to Anay Pina Salazar, $45,000

Casey W. Black and wife to Christian Carter and wife, $145,000

Cleveland Township

A.H. Inc. to Sharon R. Simes, $120,000

Cortley Scott Shoemaker and wife to Nancy H. Harkey and Sarah Lynn Anthony, trustees of the C. Howard
Harkey Jr. Living Trust, $203,000

Graciela Marlene Navarro Miguel and wife to Gladis Suyapa Cantor Lopez, $26,000

Dean Endres and wife; Melody Harkey and husband; Sonja Young; Cathy Barns and husband to Tammy V. Peeler, $5,000

Franklin Township

Thomas F. Lee and wife; James R. Lee and wife to Jonathan K. Plummer and wife, $72,500

Donald Gustafson and wife to Garret Keller and wife, $160,000

Carol O. McRorie to Blue Dover Properties LLC, $135,000

Jose V. Perez to Jose Javier Portillo and wife; Elvia N. Portillo Lopez, $95,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Yudersis Lantigua Reyes, $130,000

Patricia A. Deesy to Shawn Gary Mealey Barr, $195,000

Jeff Beck and wife to Variety World,Inc., $50,000
J&E Holding Co. LLC to SDH Charlotte LLC, two parcels, $30,000

Allan R. Hattaway to Debbie Lynn Ball, $17,000

Alan James toney and wife to Robert Bradley Biester and wife, $275,000

LCA Laurel Pointe LP to Laurel Pointe Harmony Housing LLC, $7,400,000

Shawn C. Liberty; Rebekah S. Liberty to OP SPE TPA1 LLC, $153,500

Brad D. Brady and wife to Ronald S. Howard and wife, $520,000

Carl S. Miller and wife to Traci M. Lamer, $225,000

Angela Rosita Overby and husband to Richard D. Franklin and wife, $121,000

Nancy Mott to Donald Wayne Wise, two parcels, $9,000

Kathy A. Henty to Kevin Michael Norris and wife, $190,000

Gold Hill Township

Joshua C. Holshouser and spouse to Douglas Steven Semke and spouse, $193,000

Teresa Byrd McCabe to Robert J. Clarke and wife; Matthew Hunter; Kaylee Walls, $550,000

Douglas J. Rembold to Billy Eugene Fincher Sr., $8,000

KTMac Enterprise Corp. to Ronald Shore and wife, $44,500

Christopher G. Sease and wife to Anthony S. Fout and wife, $209,000

Lennar Carolinas LLC to Melissa Gloria Deblasi; Christyna Rodriguez, $211,500

Phillip T. Carter and wife; Tamara C. Miller and husband; Teresa C. Boger and husband to Albert Gardner, two parcels $160,000

Lennar Carolinas LLC to Christopher Brandon Cooper and wife, $212,000

Rebecca F. Williams to Justin Moore; Kelly Jeffers, $140,000

Todd R. Devlieger and wife to Dominic J. Trippe, $172,000

Brian G. Campbell and wife to Jose Trujillo and wife, $135,000

Litaker Township

William T. Yost and wife to Michael B. Denise and wife, $217,000

Richard L. Dabinett; Mary Ellen Dabinett to Cindy Payne; Mark Payne, $87,000

Josefina Ortiz; Roman Ortiz to Timothy D. Hunter, $102,500

Estate Developers LLC to Tyler L. Wilhelm and spouse, $73,000

Judy B. Leazer and husband to Virginia B. Long, $17,500

Glass Door Investments LLC to Justin Jones and wife, $127,000

Eric E. Hillard, individually and as administrator of the Carolyn Alvee Hillard estate to Douglas P. Fortune, $50,500

Billy Dale Waller; Patsy B. Safrit to Leaf Properties LLC, $19,500

Amanda Cundiff Solomon as Executor of the Estate of Kent Anderson Dundiff; Dawn Lorraine Cundiff to Alexander Jose Castro and wife, $503,000

Jacob O. Moose III and wife to Terry Wayne Hilton and wife, $28,500

Cheryl H. Mendez, co-executor of the estate of Jean Speight Poplin; Scottie Speight Davis, co-executor of the estate of Jean Speight Poplin; Cheryll H. Mendez and husband to Kathy A. Henty, $187,500

Locke Township

Brandon A. Bowlin and wife to Jeremy T. Greer, $204,000

Kimberly M. Ingram to Pamela J. Clemens and spouse, $190,000

Christopher M. Reid and wife to Johnathan D. Dillard and wife, $166,500

Joel Stevens Weatherford and wife to Brent C. Eudy, $201,000

Ronald L. Yates and wife to Kenneth Alva Cowan and wife, $225,000

Kelly Lamont Shores and wife to Constance L. Lowery and husband, $425,000

Joel K. Sheets and spouse to Willis E. Tolliver and spouse, $268,000

Patricia B. Holloman to Joel Glenn Beasley, $205,000

Morgan Township

Mickey Lee Morgan and wife to Corey Blake Thomason and wife, $175,000

Charles Ray Blackwelder and wife to Cynthia H. McLean, two parcels $310,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to abon Properties 2 LLC, $128,000

Cathy L. Jones to Peter J. Vennera and wife, $330,000

Philip H. More, by his attorney-in-fact Laurene K. Moe, and wife to Devon Davis, $43,500

Jesse Green and spouse to Lerner Jolon, $69,000

George R. Drye and wife to David L. Carpenter and wife, two parcels $6,000

Providence Township

Stephen A. Joslin and wife to Gary L. Almstead and wife, $285,500

Charles R. Howell and wife to Stephen A. Joslin and wife, $283,500

Frank Zawatski and wife to Charles Bradley Kluttz Trust for the benefit of Larren Kluttz Lowry, 75%; Brandon Heathcliffe Lowry and wife, 25%, $350,000

Frederick T. Adkins and wife to GTG Holdings LLC, $500,000

JSSP LLC to Ryan Michael Fosse, $320,000

Ricky Thomas Wensil to Mindy Mahrer Miller and husband, $340,000

Amy B. Dunford and husband to James T. Self and wife, $17,500

Rufus Daniel Joyce III and spouse to James Thomas DeBoyace and spouse, $75,000

Mark D. Brown, as successor trustee of the marital trust and the family trust as created under the Brown
Living Trust to E.R. Real Estate Holdings LLC, eight parcels $840,000

Jim L. Martin and wife to Phillip A. Tarver and wife, $498,500

Carley M. Tatum to Toney E. Thomas and wife, $575,000

Salisbury Township

Jacqueline Millican Crabb and husband to Linda E. Moser, $160,000

Trustee Services of Carolina,LLC to Quality Refurbished Homes LLC, $52,500

Jane B. Hartsell to Matthew Schill, $126,000

Kaylee Walls to Micaela Renee Brown, $160,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to HSBC Bank USA NA, $100,500

Tyler Nathaniel Williams and spouse to CPG Park LLC, $37,500

Gabriel Pierce and wife to Juan Bello Santos, $38,000

The Perfect Smoke LLC to Blue Dover Properties LLC, $100,000

Thomas H. Hester to Eden Ghebresilasie, $15,000

Santos Pineda and spouse to SFR3 LLC, $91,000

Robert W. Bates and wife to Jodi Paolucci, $160,000

John R. Kesler and Catherine H. Kesler, trustees under the John R. Kesler Living Trust; Catherine H. Kesler and John R. Kesler, trustees under the Catherine H. Kesler Living Trust, to Fisher Realty Inc., $71,000

Steadfast Capital Management LLC to Zip Rentals LLC, two parcels $169,500

Betty Svoboda LLC to Vusumuzi Aleck Mingo; Afrika Liles Mingo, $170,000

Betty Svoboda LLC to Vusumuzi Aleck Mingo; Afrika Liles Mingo, two parcels, $165,000

Community Restoration Corp. to Francisco Amadeo Sarabio Banos; Claudia E. Miranda, $12,000

MOST Investments LLC to Janice Bumgardner, $91,500

Gus Enterprises Inc. to Innes Street Partners, 625,000

Christopher M. Johnston and spouse to Kristen Shea Rios De La Cruz and spouse, $149,000

Lerner Diaz Jolon to SFR3 LLC, $77,500

Nengtou Vue and wife to Nancy Vue, $35,000

Jessica Lee Renee Buckwalter to Brian Kurzmiller Romans, $104,000

Mary M. Settle, as trustee of the Settle Family Trust, to Dana Winstead Weaver, $167,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to Marco Barrera Martinez, $28,000

Christy Michelle Lomas; Maryjane Kotsalis to William Anthony Benion and spouse, $179,500

At Salisbury NC Outlot LLC to DH Salisbury LLC, $250,000

Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to FAME Properties LLC, $39,000

Amber D. Benton Lawson and husband to Tomasine Oglesby Keaton-el and husband, $150,000

Cherie L. Turner and husband to Kaitlyn Marie Coppadge; Spencer Patrick Dixon, $150,000

Unity Township

Debbie Kay Chaffin Potts to Kacy C. Smith, 2 parcels, $55,000

Cipriano M. Chiquito and wife to Candido Chaveez Mendoza, two parcels, $44,000

Christopher B. Cooper and wife to David J. Rennie, $172,000