Letter: Monzon is a proven professional

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 31, 2019

Mrs. Giannina Monzon is part of the millennial generation that strives to walk and work with the highest standards of excellence and ethics.

She is an extremely responsible citizen, daughter, sister, friend, worker, wife and mother. Since the first time I met her, she has demonstrated a genuine passion to serve her neighborhood, community and country.

Her strength is concentrated in her focus to improve and edify the community and city.

Monzon works very hard to implement micro- and macro-economic and social solutions to restore and improve the community as well as to bring new ideas and alternatives that will benefit the community, city, and nation.

Most importantly, as a Latina, I am so honored to be a witness of how Monzon’s dream of being faithful, respectful, thankful and giving back to the United States of America has become a reality.

The city of Salisbury can trust in Monzon. She has been proven to be a professional of such a high caliber, a citizen that loves and fight for the community, city and country and a truthful and faithful woman of God that has been called to protect the U.S. and every citizen on the land.

Monzon is a woman that has been called for such a time like this, to be a blessing for the City of Salisbury and for the land of North Carolina, especially in the area of government.

— Elizabeth Santander-Cordero

Miami, Florida