Giannina Monzon answers Voter’s Guide questions

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Editor’s note: Salisbury City Council candidate Giannina Monzon did not respond to questions by the deadline for Friday’s Voter’s Guide. The following questions were asked of the nine council candidates.

Giannina Monzon

What will you do to create a council that works well together?

I will consider everybody’s opinion and put myself in their position to see why they feel that way. Then I will look at the facts and see what I feel would be best for everybody in the city. Everybody will see things their way, but we need to be able to look at why they are advocating for that one thing.

What do you think the biggest achievement of the current council is?

Working on bringing more incentives, and I was really impressed what Karen Alexander said about the amount of grant work that they get. We need to continue to do that and look for other ways to find money to invest in the city, including getting more private investors.

What do you think the City Council needs in the next two years?

There needs to be better collaboration. We need to get more out in the community, not just for special events but really be out there to hear the people. I think we want people coming to us.