Letter: All voices matter to Al Heggins

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 26, 2019

Al Heggins deserves to be re-elected to Salisbury City Council because she has delivered during her first term.

Her list of accomplishments is very impressive, and she has moved Salisbury forward on a path of racial equity and reconciliation. Heggins has made all people feel welcome at City Hall, whether poor or wealthy. She has stood up for the vulnerable in our community. She has empowered those who have been ignored and demanded that their concerns be heard and addressed.

We need Heggins to continue leading the City Council to listen and address the concerns of all the citizens of Salisbury — regardless of color, gender, religious, political and economic identity. For Heggins, inclusivity is not an abstract idea but something that is tangible and achievable in our city. She works tirelessly to bring everyone to the table, even when some want to make the everyday people’s voice powerless.

Mayor Heggins wants to build wealth for all citizens of Salisbury and not just those who are already advantaged. Her contributions to the work around opportunity zones show that her heart is with the vulnerable in Salisbury. Her energy is in making Salisbury strong and work together.

And above all, Heggins has proven that she has the local knowledge, temperament, passion, compassion and tenacity necessary to move Salisbury forward in a positive trajectory for all citizens as the strong and vibrant county seat of Rowan County. Vote for Al Heggins on Nov. 5 or during early voting through Friday.

— Dora Mbuwayesango