Letter: Mayor deserves another term on City Council

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 24, 2019

As a citizen of Salisbury, I rise to lift my voice to what I have seen and what I have heard about the hard work and concern of what I might call a progressive as well as conservative agenda for the growth and progress of our city. I rise to life my voice in support of re-electing Al Heggins.

It is from her background in human relations that she brings to us the ability to call people together to talk through issues of contention. I have watched her take the time to read and to present herself as a role model before our young children.

She is a champion of economic advancement within the city of Salisbury, meaning jobs and potential prosperity. She is leading in the call of bringing together the various institutions needed for the school justice partnership, which means keeping more students in school and out of court. She is a leader in the push for the creation of new community-oriented partnerships in Communities in Schools. These are just a few of my reasons for my support.

To my fellow citizens of Salisbury, I ask you to consider my endorsement of our current Mayor Al Heggins as one you will consider when casting your vote.

— Olen Brunner