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Published 12:00 am Friday, October 18, 2019

Rowan County residents react to solar farm withdrawal

So, the whole community ganged up and told Mr. Welch what he can and can’t do with his 428 acres out in the middle of nowhere because they may catch a glimpse of a solar farm as they pass in their vehicles going 55 mph.

The next time, he should give them a choice between a solar farm and a pig farm with sewage lagoons.

— Vera Cope

… Tillis, Perdue talk agriculture issues …

You might wish to talk with the tweeter in chief and ask him about tariffs and how that is working out for him.

— Mark Lyerly

No one will come and do the work these folks do.

People show up to work one day but don’t return.

— Millicent Hoffner

Transportation Museum’s ‘Jim Crow Car’ …

Truly a piece of history that should be preserved and learned from.

— James Bostwick

There are probably better uses for federal grant money than refurbishing this railroad car.

— Robert Bish

… Spencer aldermen candidates talk impending growth

Just think: A perspective owner of a home or future Chewy employee or corporate officer drives thorough Spencer and the dilapidated historic district looking for a home place.

He or she will certainly keep on driving toward southern Davidson County or eastern Rowan. Spencer has very little to offer Chewy.

— Danny Patterson

Chewy is in direct competition with Amazon.

Good luck with that. Things like this show why politicians have no business paying incentives to companies.

It’s a waste of taxpayer money.

— Eric Vandeford

Local pickleball team wins Carolinas tournament

Congratulations Salisbury team.

You have amassed pickleball talent that is one of the best in the country.

Continue to grow the sport and bring more folks to Salisbury. We love traveling and playing in your town for events.

— Peter Wong

Spencer candidate forum scheduled …

I don’t like submitting questions prior to the event. I want to hear candidates think on their feet and not have prepared answers.

All candidates should have made themselves familiar with the issues facing the town and be prepared to answer different questions on the spot.

— Howard White

… Agreement for nonprofit to build dog wing at animal shelter

So proud of you, Nina Dix, and for all of those who helped with this incredible journey. I know this is a dream come true for you.

— Tamara Matthews

… Elizabeth Trick: RSS should reconsider Knox …

The K-8 building is an opportunity to create a stronger community school, where mentorship opportunities between the younger and older students could thrive.

A K-8 school could establish a level of expected excellence that begins in kindergarten and extends through 8th grade with an administrative team committed to the same process of creating the whole student.

— Leah Glasmire Campion

A new K-8 in the current location is exactly what the community expected and needs. Salisbury must improve schools if they want to grow into a 21st-century city.

— Kari Hayes Hippert

Editorial: Opportunity zones …

Is the Post supporting opportunity zones or trashing them? Are you calling out tax-dodging shady investors or not?

Would the Post be more supportive of this particular event if Rod Crider was standing in for Salisbury’s mayor, Al Heggins?

Or is it just anyone but her?

— Brian Pfaff

Letter: Former Landis mayor endorses 3 candidates

In the long run, it really doesn’t matter who did what.

What matters is that the town gets answers to questions that will help us move forward, and to stop thinking about the past.

— Margaret Deadmon

… Downtown Salisbury has a perceived parking 

There may be enough spaces for normal business parking but not for special events. I think the large lot beside the library will be converted into the new park with nothing to replace parking.

Does the city expect everyone to park at the old mall and shuttle into downtown for events?

— Larry Kent Neal Jr.

Main Street diagonal parking is ridiculous. Essentially, it’s a two lane thoroughfare as drivers can not maintain the right lane. Even sheriff’s deputies pull up on the sidewalk.

— Richard Cleary

I wonder if the consulting group went to the north end of downtown between 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. as people were seeking parking to go to court?

I don’t know the answer, but doesn’t a “perceived parking problem” seem to be just as discouraging to commerce as a real shortage?

— Jeff Morris

I am extremly surprised that I do not see many comments on Main Street parking, which causes all vehicles to extend onto the street. This, in effect, makes the traffic flow very dangerous for two vehicles to be side by side.

— Dennis White