Rowan weather: High heat and bad air

Published 7:49 am Thursday, October 3, 2019

Today’s high of 96 will surely break a record. It will be sunny with light wind. The heat index will be around 100-103.

It is a Code Orange air quality day, meaning people with asthma and other lung diseases, children, the elderly and active adults should limit their time outdoors between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Ground level ozone levels are increasing, causing the air quality alert.

Tonight will be clear and 67, with calm wind.

Friday will be sunny and 90. Winds will be north at 3-7 mph. Friday night will be partly cloudy and 58, with east northeast wind at 7-9 mph.

We get a much-needed break in temperatures on Saturday, which will be partly sunny and 70, with northeast wind at 6-9 mph. The low will be 59, with mostly cloudy skies.

Sunday will be mostly cloudy, too, with a high of 80. The low will be 62, with mostly cloudy skies.

Monday will be mostly cloudy and 80. There will be a 50 percent chance of rain before 1 p.m., then showers and thunderstorms through 5 p.m., then showers after 5.

Monday night will have a 40 percent chance of rain and be mostly cloudy and 55.

Tuesday will be mostly sunny and 73. Tuesday night will be mostly clear, with a low dipping to 48.

Wednesday will be sunny and 73.