Sacred Heart trying flex scheduling in middle school

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sacred Heart School is using flex scheduling this year for middle school students.
With rigorous curriculums in language arts, math, social studies and science, Sacred Heart knows that there are still many other lessons to teach middle schoolers.
Starting this fall, Dean of Students Erin Brinkley developed a program that allows middle school students to choose electives that interest them and push them beyond the typical classroom experience.
Then, every four weeks, students will participate in a new flex class. Many classes will be taught by members of the community who can offer students an experience that will enhance academics by addressing the whole-child learning experience.
Sacred Heart invited Denise Hallett of Vulcan Materials and Steve Fisher of F&M Bank to a recent middle school student government flex class. The class, taught by history teacher Tracy Sentilles, gives student government officer candidates insight on leadership.
Hallett and Fisher spent over an hour discussing the importance of leadership in the school community. They named four distinct qualities of a great leaders: passion, practice, love and communication.
They also listed some pitfalls and encouraged SGA candidates to not be a “seat filler” or a “dirt kicker.” They reminded them to “take the army with you,” meaning that as you lead you must involve others to work beside you.
The most important lesson is words matter, especially in the age of social media. Always think and pray first, students were advised. Students were encouraged to embrace these qualities as they hold leadership positions at school this year and beyond.