Public records: Deeds

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 8, 2019

Deeds from the Rowan County Register of Deeds Office

Atwell Township
Nancy M. Simmons-Walker to Aaron Minehart Construction Inc., $20,000
Rebecca W. Herman and husband to CMH Homes Inc., $27,500
Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to Rabon Properties 2 LLC, $50,000
Christian T. Lomascolo to Steven W. Liffers and spouse, $56,000
Deirdre D. DeFlorentis, substitute trustee to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., $82,500
Kerry T. Keith to John C. Jackson, $100,000
Joshua L. Miller and wife to Raphaela James, $188,000
Michael K. Knutson and wife to Derek Flowers, $198,000
Foley Home Sales LLC to Robert Emmett Lynch Jr. and wife, $289,000
JSSP LLC to James Scott Harris and wife, $308,000
Gregory A. Crowell to Karen de los Reyes and spouse, $395,000
Knock Homes A LLC to Prince Davis and spouse, $405,000
Donnie Lamont Gibbs Jr. and spouse to Wilkins Motorsports LLC, $440,000
Thomas R. Tucker and wife to Michael William Beauregard and wife, $455,000

China Grove Township

Oakenshild Developers LLC to Iron Hills Developers LLC, $24,000
Stevie B. Bell to Fortina Gonzalez and wife, $27,500
Randal Scott Bragg and wife to Carolina Quiterio Vargas, $45,000
Blue Star Management LLC to Twin Falls Real Estate LLC, $57,000
James R. Bange and wife to Drew Maher Inc., $60,000
Mells Investment Group LLC to Scott F. Srednicki and wife, $65,000
Tony M. Tate and spouse to Tedy Morales and spouse, $70,000
Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, two parcels, $79,500
CMD of the Carolinas LLC to Andrew Moorehead and wife, $105,000
Kenneth Ray Orbison Jr. and wife to Matthew A. Baria and wife, $115,000
Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to Rabon Properties 2 LLC, $121,500
Jesus Doroteo Vasquez to William Taylor, $125,000
Ted E. Dry and wife to Chase Jordan Havely; Jeffrey Dean Havely, $130,000
S&D Homes LLC to Nicholas K. Jones, $134,000
Jordan Compton to Wesley Aaron Lee; Sydnie Brenna Starnes, $140,000
Paul Miller; Suzanne Everett Miller to Stefani Michelle Gray, $144,500
2018-2 III Borrower L.P. to Veronica Michele Linton; William Michael Smith, $150,000
Janie S. Rushing to Jeremy Ray Morris and wife, $150,000
James W. Carey and wife to Kevin Douglas June and wife, $156,000
Makson Inc. to Mercedez Marie Melendez, $158,000
Chris Watts and spouse to Peter Allen Stevens; Grant Allen Stevens, $165,000
New Life Developers LLC to George W. Alford and spouse, $165,000
Randy E. Bentley Construction LLC to Caleb M. Kimball; Sara K. Lentz, $170,000
Eric Doane and wife to Timothy C. Dodd, $195,000
SlaxmiLLC to Michael Karmatz, $204,000
Shawna F. Cain to Steven L. Anderson and wife, $205,000
Christopher Dextraze and wife to Jeshua Patrick and wife, $217,000
Cory D. Mazzola and wife to Shannon Nichole Gurley and husband, $222,000
Slaxmi LLC to Michael Karmatz, $224,000
Patricia T. Jordan to 1600 N. Main LLC, $380,000
Bank of America NA to James Layman and wife, $46,500

Ronald Sprout and wife to James E. Hazen and wife, $144,500
CMH Homes Inc. to Talina Rose Anthony and husband, $201,500

Franklin Township

Sharon E. Snider; Patricia B. Smith and husband; Charles P. Barringer Jr. and wife, to Rafael Sanchez, $17,000
John L. McCombs and wife to CMH Homes Inc., four parcels $21,000
Philip A. Glass, substitute trustee, to Local Government Federal Credit Union, $109,000
Derric G. Maddry and wife to Charles H. Putney, $166,000
Robert G. Pearsall and wife to Douglas M. Sogolow and wife, $169,500
Polly Fisher Rentals LLC to Brandon M. Henderson and wife, $183,000
William Fry and wife to Ronald F. Thomas and wife, $191,000
Daniel C. Trivette and wife to Aaron Howard, $215,000
Dwight R. Wilhelm and wife to Donna W. Stagg, $255,000

Gold Hill Township

US Bank National Association to Debra W. Bailey, $34,500
Trustee Services of Carolina to Fidelity National Title Insurance Co., $63,500
Karen A. Stirewalt, executor of the Michael Sidorovic estate; Karen S. Stirewalt and husband; Keri Ann Sidorvic Hollyfield;
Michael Walter Sidorovic and wife; Andrew Peter Sidorovici and wife to Karen S. Stirewalt and husband, $65,500
Cape Fear Trustee Services LLC to BMS Investment Properties LLC, $109,000
Jeremy D. Isaman and wife to Baxter Lee Ketchie; Hannah Breanne Agner, $125,000
Brittany M. Clause and husband to Justin Oliver Thompkins and wife, $139,000
Michael C. Shinn to Wesley Shinn, $147,000
BMS Investment Properties LLC to William A. Craig and spouse, $158,000
Lennar Carolinas LLC to Jacob Tucker Williams, $211,000
Lennar Carolinas LLC to Andre David Lopez; Olga Lidia Gerez, $211,000
Lennar Carolinas LLC to Kimberly Amaya Partee, $217,000
Joan W. Grasque to Clayton T. Anderson and wife, $234,000
Katherine A. Gill and spouse to James D. Taylor and spouse, $240,000

Litaker Township

Lee A. Stone to Roland L. Fowler and wife, $10,500
YBI Investments LLC to Allman Properties LLC, $15,000
Jerry R. Winecoff and wife to Adolfo Ortega-Martinez, $20,000
Jacob O. Moose III and wife to Julie Ann Sauder and husband, $28,500
Melinda Hileman and husband; Wanda Russell and husband; estate of Eugene S. Ferguson to Jeffrey O. Bullinger,
Deirdre L. Hinkle and husband; Joanna L. Cooper and husband to Tony A. Basinger and wife, $35,000
Amy A. Daniels to Kelly P. Carpenter, $35,000
David Chavis; Jennifer Chavis to Mark L. Patton, $68,000
Tina K. Barkley and husband to Dylan S. Walker, $84,000
Christopher A. Carter to Matthew Justin Geelen and wife, $106,000
Patricia C. Hargraves to Benjamin F. Johnson IV, $149,000
Alison J. Walker and husband to Amanda Dale Honeycutt; Rudy Fay Claar II, $191,000
SDH Charlotte LLC to Karen Louise Peaco, $213,000
Kailey Ann Anglin, administrator of the estate of April Lynn Parker Anglin; Nicole Lynn Parker to Richard A. Morgan
and spouse, $219,000
SDH Charlotte LLC to Janice Clarke, $227,000
C. Aaron Myers and wife to Brian H. Wolff, $229,000
Steven C. Lund and wife to Shawn McBride and wife, $230,000
Patrick Kitchen and spouse to Riki Lyn Hyronemus, $235,000
Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Sherry E. Martin, $240,000

Opendoor Property J LLC to Michael R. Blacksmith; Barbara A. Blacksmith, $262,000

Locke Township

Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to Kluttz Farms LLC, $48,000
Larry E. Freeze, executor of the estate of Ann Atwell Morris to George Anthony Williams, $86,000
NC Salisbury House LLC to George Kling, $112,000
Kevin W. Haynes and wife to Joshua Ryan Smith and wife, $148,500
Darwin Noe Perdomo Funez; Nitza Isis Ayala Morales to Kevin Meyers; Shawn E. Meyers, $156,000
Black Maple Enterprises LLC to Gail Trexler Fincher, $158,000
Charles P. Coughenour to Carter Andrew Williams, $160,000
Double R Three LLC to Jec Sali LLC, $2,200,000

Morgan Township

Margaret P. Stoudt to Mark Andrews, $48,500
Sherry T. Pethel and husband; Linda Ussery to Sumer Pethel, $137,000
Philip A. Glass, substitute trustee, to State Employees Credit Union, $150,000
Susan F. Salmon to Edwin A. Listerman and wife, multiple parcels, $222,500
Marnee L. Vanderpol to Michael James Torp and wife, $256,000

Mount Ulla Township

American Land Corp. to John W. Capelletti and wife, $46,000
Neil L. Benson and wife to Colley John Frank and wife, $52,500
American Land Corp. to James D. Stillman and wife, $57,000
Trails End Real Estate LLC to Richard E. Steiner and spouse, $380,000
Gary A. Bruner and wife to Shawn LaBelle and wife, $787,500

Providence Township

Kramer Properties LLC to Adrian Mineran and wife, $10,000
Roger K. Martin and wife to CMH Homes Inc., $15,500
Howard W. Haynes Jr. and wife to Jantzen Stirewalt, $100,000
David Paul Griggs and wife to Demetrio Botello, $145,000
Chantilly Properties LLC to Donald Wayne Everidge Jr. and wife, $172,500
Richard E. Hammac and wife; Jonathan L. Laws and wife to Heath Evans, $200,000
Patricia M. Furr to Mark Koekebacker and wife, $280,000
Belle Realty Development Co. to Samuel D. Edwards; Lauren E. Hickey, $300,000

Salisbury Township

Michael James Johnson to David L. Bush, $5,500
J&E Land Holding Co. LLC to SDH Charlotte LLC, $15,000
Lanny Lancaster and wife to Michael Jeffrey Garver, $25,000
Yia Xiong to Nengtou Vue, $35,000
Troy L. Canterbury and spouse to Santos Cruz Abrego; Vicenta Salazar Garcia, $40,000
Trey Franklin and wife to Happy House Properties LLC, $45,000
Tony Lane Huffman and wife to ZNA Group LLC, $45,000
Sharon J. Machovina and husband; William C. Jennings Jr. and wife to Suburban Property Management LLC,
Archie B. Covington and wife to Leticia Meza Moreno, $50,000
Diane Roberts, Single Devisee of Joseph U. Roberts to Rose Investment Group LLC, $52,000
Sachin Balgobin and wife; Navinchand Sonawa and wife to Kirstie Allie Shepherd, $80,000
Eloise Hemphill to SFR3 LLC, $85,000
WV LLC to Darby Staggs Shulz and husband, $85,000
Mangini Enterprises Ltd. to Ladale Benson, $93,500
Alcira V. De Leon to Ana Maria Alcantara, $101,000
Markus Antonius Prodcida and wife to Raymond L. Lassiter and wife, $101,500

Carmen S. Hopkins to Brandon H. Lockard, $105,000
Patrick S. Winstead and wife to Shareen S. Rustin, $110,000
John L. Page and wife to Terry L. Youngman and wife, $112,000
Sandra W. Corpening to Kendrick L. Hines and spouse, $117,000
Brenda G. Julian to Joshua D. Hancock and wife, $121,000
Susan E. Strickland-Bowers to Shrine M. Gharda; Odessa Alm, $135,000
Maready Built Construction Inc. to David Steven Jimenez, $135,000
Harvey B. Pord and Marcia G. Pord, co-trustees of the Pord Family Revocable Living Trust, to Glenn Ambers Sr.
and wife, $146,500
Kimberly Robinson to Kandis D. Johnson, $150,000
CMAC Investments LLC to Stephen F. Barnes and wife, $160,000
Laura Joann Mullis, executrix of the estate of Dana Norris Sherrill, to Gale E. Wells, $168,500
Kathryn L. Davis to Katherine E. Church and spouse, $178,000
Johnny L. Fisher to William M. Graham and wife, $243,500
Barrow Arthur Koslosky; Melissa Jackson Mullinix to Ryan J. Lawson and wife, $265,000
Randy D. Jarrett and wife to Cortley Shoemaker and wife, $345,000
Timothy G. Boyd and wife to Michael A. Sist and wife, $385,000
Gentle 125 LLC to Ernest A. Garner Jr., $420,000
Curtis E. Cochran and wife; Larry G. Cleary and wife to Ronnie R. Ingram and wife, $95,000

Scotch-Irish Township

Walter M. Goodman Jr. and wife to M&H Investment Properties LLC, $82,500

Steele Township

Robert W. Beasley and wife to Alicia Morgan Watts, $154,500

Unity Township

Bobby K. Waller and wife to Christine Brandy Jones and husband, $25,000