Letter: Bike lanes not needed here

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 5, 2019

In her “My Turn” published August 27 (“Protected bike lanes good for Salisbury”), Jackie Miller presented a utopian view for bike lanes.

The reality for bike lanes sets in when I drive throughout Salisbury and Rowan County.

This summer, each established bike lane has been filled with yard debris, garbage cans and parked cars. And the total number of bike riders was three in good or bad weather.

As a result of President Donald Trump’s tax cut, I see a nice, big return of my money. I do not want vehicle taxes, property taxes, sales taxes or personal taxes to increase, especially to pay for bike lanes.

Oh yes, a solution for Miller’s bike lanes does exist.

These solutions include: private funding, donation drives and grants. Once some actual costs are presented, the United National does provide grants for community, utopian projects.

I vehemently oppose any participation on my part for bike lanes.

Again, as I drive throughout Salisbury and Rowan County, the streets and roads are already too narrow. Bike lanes are preposterous.

— Irene Walton