Public records: Deeds

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 25, 2019

Deeds from the Rowan County Register of Deeds Office:

Atwell Township

Ruth G. Oliphant to Richard L. Oliphant, $1,000

Andrew Benson Christenbury Sr. to Kada Endeavor Enterprises LLC, $30,000

Russell A. Johnston to Marvin A. Sawyer and wife, $109,500

Key Builders Inc. to James H. Manke and wife, $173,000

James Bryan Anders to Deven Youker, $175,000

Eric Otero and wife to Desiree Butler and spouse, $193,000

Cynthia H. Fulton to James A. Vickrey and wife, $225,000

Richard C. Arnold and spouse to Abdullah Alabdullah and spouse, $279,000

Steven A. Laing and wife to Blake Adam Evans and wife, $325,000

China Grove Township

Luz Maria Ramirez Ayala to Kenneth Jezek, $7,000

Billy M. Stubbs to Troy Keith Carter and wife, $10,000

Hugh Quincy Alexander Jr. and wife; Elizabeth A. Harrison and husband; William George Alexander and wife;

William G. Alexander, trustee of the Myrtle W. Alexander Trust, to Shelly Rutledge Stein and husband, $24,000

Frances S. White, substitute trustee to US Bank National Association, $34,000

Atlantic American Properties Inc. to Overcash Real Estate LLC, $55,000

Johnny King Litaker to Hector N. Joya; Ana Y. Joya, $56,000

Cornerstone Cabarrus LLC to SFR3 LLC, $56,500

Lisa Roseman; Key Jennings; Virginia Rollings to Offerpad (SPV Borrower1) LLC, $65,500

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Islandview Holdings LLC, $72,000

Crystal Patterson Smith, individually and as administrator of the estate of Johnnie Ray Patterson, to Shirley Patterson Clontz and husband; Jill Campbell Wherry, $75,000

Jaime Lemus Adame and wife to Jawahn Burrell and spouse, $95,000

Floyd Delano Overcash to Ginger O. Honeycutt, $112,000

Rebekah Griggs Lanning and husband to Anthony J. Spearman, $139,000

Jody A. Holloman and wife to Phyllis Wismeyer, $145,000

Joseph D. Pettus and wife to Joleen Davis; Israel Corder, $148,000

Christopher R. Watts and wife to Jason Sokhoeun Yin; Stephanie Nicole Smith, $152,000

Laci C. Britt and husband to Preshalyn Burris, $155,000

Trent Carter to Jessica Lynn Stark, $157,000

PP&I LLC to Maegan Livengood, $164,500

Raymond L. Fry and wife to Brenda M. Hayes and husband, $170,000

Shelby S. Ritchie to Roy Daugherty Jr. and spouse, $172,000

Tarheel Property Group LLC to Regina Bardberry and husband, $174,000

True Homes LLC to Preston Penninger and spouse, $178,500

Bobby D. Sidden and wife to Charles Wayne McDaries, $195,000

Lennar Carolinas LLC to Alan David Broadway; Jessica Broadway, $209,000

Michael H. Smith and wife to Shawna Lorell Flowe and husband, $210,000

Andrew J. Waltz and wife to Jovanny Carpio; Christian Jonelle Otanez, $215,000

Russell D. Pease and spouse to Offerpad (SPV Borrower1) LLC, $222,500

Linette L. Baker to National Transfer Services LLC, $400,000

National Transfer Services LLC to Lawrence Keith Carmack and wife, $425,000

Wiggins Real Estate LLC to Deanna Freeze and spouse, two parcels, $463,000

Gary W. Holman and wife to Fabius E. McKee Jr. and wife, $540,000

Cleveland Township

Brian F. Mills to David J. Crate, Jr. and wife, $13,000

Thomas Eugene Jones and wife to Elliott Lane McNeely and wife, $75,000

George Phillip Snyder and wife to Minser Integrated Logistics Services LLC, $210,000

Franklin Township

Teresa Couch to Steve Alan Dunn; Scott Leroy Dunn, $2,500

Ann Marie Shipton Lentz and husband to Ann Eagle Moore, $48,000

BKBL Real Estate Investments LLC to Jimmy M. Troublefield and wife, $92,500

Terry Curtis Wilber, executor of the estate of Virginia R. Wilber; Terry Curtis Wilber, individually and wife;

Pamela Chris Wilber Howard, individually and husband, to Michael Jeffrey Garver, $117,500

Suzanne Marie Rubican to Danielle Porter, $120,000

Kimberly Dawn Ingram to John E. Childs and wife, $135,000

Antonio Valdez and wife to Arnold Chamberlain and wife, $165,000

John Murray Scherlen and wife to James A. Stouffe and wife, $175,000

Maureen L. Steever to Richard Kepley and wife, $195,000

Jonathan Byler; Martha Byler; Stephen Lee; Jolene Lee to Cardinal Tire, $200,000

Richard A. Wainright Jr. and wife to Nathan C. Fulbright and wife, $214,000

Douglas J. Carroll and spouse to Karen E. Farley, $375,000

Arnold Chamberlain and wife to Andres Fernandez and wife, $385,000

Gold Hill Township

Mary Helen Kluttz Shive to Wendell H. Kluttz and wife, $1,500

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $87,500

Jessica H. Broadway and husband to Darren P. Smith Jr. and wife, $140,000

Islandview Holdings LLC to Damon H. Smith; Briana S. Thompson, $162,000

Jimmy G. Richardson and wife to Janet Cline Allen, $192,000

Lennar Carolinas LLC to Ikenna Kingsley Anozie; Victor C. A. Anozie; Christiana Anozie, $208,000

Joe L. Harrell and wife to Michael B. Watson and wife, $209,000

Marilyn L. Chandler to Timothy Easter and wife, $305,000

Brian L. Seagraves and wife to Juan G. Hidalgo and wife, $309,000

Charles D. Brown and wife to Alice G. Owens; Tammie J. Schenck, $320,000

Glinda D. Rummage and husband; Breada D. Batross and husband; Donna D. Rummage and husband; Glenn W. Daniel and wife to SBK Johnson Dairy MHP LLC, $325,000

Litaker Township

Kelli Lyn Whitley to Eric Matthew Woodard and spouse, $10,000

John Thomas Peeler, successor trustee of the Uzeal Peeler Berrier Revocable Living Trust Agreement; John
Thomas Peeler and wife; Murray McKissick and husband to Dale Stirewalt Peeler, $23,500

Sharon Bost Porozynski and husband to Gary Lynn Hillman, $50,000

Dia C. Miller to Billy Dwayne Godair and wife, $68,000

Betty Hunt, trustee of the Hunt Family Revocable Living Trust, to Brandon Ball and wife, $90,000

Austin Perrell to Jerry Lambert $203,000

Lane Little Yow, co-trustee; Anne Martin Little, co-trustee; Lane Little Yow, co-executor of the estate of Mary
H. Little; Anne Martin Little, co-executor of the estate of Mary H. Little, to Katherine Denise Greene, $216,500

Joseph R. Scales to Corey R. Sands and wife, $248,000

James Ritchie Mauney Jr. and spouse to Derek J. Shoe and spouse, $542,500

Locke Township

Stephen C. Trexler, executor of the estate of Mary Bernhardt Trexler, to JMW Enterprises LLC, $8,500

Bassey Eyo and wife to Kevin D. Carlton and wife, $15,000

Antonio Sanchez to CMH Homes Inc., $20,000

Dennis Robert Murnane and wife to CMH Homes Inc., $22,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Olman Gomez, $32,000

John L. Safrit to Millhaus Capital LLC, $90,000

John L. Safrit to Millhaus Capital LLC, $100,000

Robin E. Trexler and husband to Michael S. McIntyre and wife, $108,000

Kenneth V. Taffaro to Jose Vega Nava and spouse, $125,000

Noah Gage Stamey and wife to Candace Marie Wright, $129,000

WJH LLC to Dominique M. Luster and husband; Joyce O. Hunter, $146,500

Cameron Brooks Griffith, trustee of the William Sloan Griffith Living Trust, to Kendra D. Jones and husband,

JDSI LLC to WJH LLC, nine parcels, $150,000

Pamela H. Surratt and husband; Glenda H. Stiegman and husband to Massimo Marino, $185,000

Seth Dustin Waller and spouse to Vong Xiong and spouse, $249,000

Tchengleng Ku and spouse to Timothy R. Hatcher and wife, $326,000

Morgan Township

H. Lee Fesperman and wife to Michael Donn Linnane, Jr., $1,000

Michael Don Linnane Jr. to James Hoyle Charles III and spouse, $279,000

Mount Ulla Township

Alex M. Warren Bowman to Scott and Valerie Mangini 2018 Living Trust, $453,000

Providence Township

Caley Jayne Medley and husband to Trail West Builders LLC, $18,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Brittany Allison Earnhardt; Gloria Jean Stepp, $66,000

Roger L. Wood and wife to Niles Prescott Wood and wife, $221,000

Frank M. Bettoli and wife to Jonathan Thomas Armstrong and wife, $244,000

Bryan K. Mills and wife to Joshua M. Wagner and wife, $264,000

Mark D. White and wife to Tonya Marlow Schroyer, $320,000

Christopher E. Fann and wife to Justin H. Fisher, $327,500

Paul J. Watts Jr.; Karen N. Watts to Mark L. Little and spouse, $405,000

Salisbury Township

Marjorie F. Garvin; Bennie Ray Garvin to Victor Manuel Martinez Matamoros and wife, $22,000

Michael Alexander Colbert to 141 Crawford St. Land Trust, Harry Marsh, trustee, $32,500

Odell Watson and wife; Connia H. Watson Jr. and wife to Gustavo Mendez and wife, two parcels, $35,000

Iryna S. Ramsey to SFR3 LLC, $40,000

Mary Ellen Clark and husband to Yates Development LLC, $40,000

Gabriel J. Pierce and wife to Three Dog LLC, $42,500

Apple House Properties Inc. to Christopher Whitman and wife, $48,000

2019 Castle LLC to Bertalicia Hernandez Lainez, $51,500

Daniel B. Ketner and spouse to Charlotte Home Buyers LLC, $55,000

Suntrust Bank to Michelle M. Comer; Chasity F. Young with lifetime rights to Peggy A. Ridenhour $59,500

Cornerstone Cabarrus LLC to Rosendo Arredondo, $75,000

Mark K. Raboy; Leslie A. Talbott to William Randle Smith and wife, $76,500

Steadfast Capital Management LLC to Charles Kamau Njendu; Aini Nur Njendu, co-trustees of the Inflection
Point Ventures Revocable Trust, $80,500

Angela P. Castonguay, individually and as co-executor of the estate of the Charles F. Bridgers Jr. and
husband; Arthur Gregory Patterson, individually and as co-executor of the Estate of Charles F. Bridgers Jr., to
James C. Robinson and wife, $115,000

Linda A. Taylor to Shelia Chambers, $130,000

David L. Shaff to Timothy Lee Whittington and wife, $134,000

Charles Heidrick and wife to Matthew H. Beaver, $137,500

Dale E. Castor and wife to Stone Properties & Development LLC, $143,000

Michele R. Norton to Nicholas Edward Rodriguez, $150,000

Jaime Venegas Martinez to Quantanya Crawford, $150,000

Whayne M. Hougland Jr. and wife to Derrike Cope and wife, $170,000

PRG Construction LLC to Angel A. Gallardo Roman, $171,000

Robert W. Bailey, executor of the estate of Hilda Hart Bailey to Kevin G. Carle, $172,000

Steadfast Capital Management LLC to Monica L. Tandell, $190,000

Justin H. Fisher; Malorie Williams Fisher to Carlin Daniel Epling and wife, $195,500

Buller River Development Partners LP to Karen I. Marincovich, trustee of the Karen I. Marincovich Living Trust,

Mary-Ellen Gaskey Bailey to Belle Realty Development Co., $200,000

Earth Signs LLC to Lawrence J. Roth and wife, $250,000

Andrew J. Davis and wife to Christopher B. Fowler and wife, $260,000

Randy Dale Welch and wife to Larry Cornelius and wife, $350,000

James Sauls Jr.; Michael Sholtis to Evergreen Stone Corp. LLC, two parcels, $550,000

Unity Township

Mark T. Aderhold, substitute trustee, to the Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. NA, $60,000

Scott J. Roby and spouse to Ricky Rufus McHone, $74,000

John T. Hudson, administrator of the estate of Wynn Carol Trexler; Althea E. Smith, individually and as
administrator of the estate of Frederick A. Smith and husband; Christopher Bernard Smith; Mary Elizabeth
Woodring; Rina D. Henley and husband; Cynthia Diane Smith to Melissa Dawn Greene, $82,000