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Published 12:00 am Friday, August 23, 2019

State’s plan would build ‘Airport Parkway’ …

As far as I’m concerned, the work on Airport Parkway can’t begin soon enough.

Most folks know that the traffic between Harrison Road and Jake Alexander Boulevard gets horrendous between 4 and 6 every evening. Hopefully, the parkway will allow an alternative for the Food Lion corporate office and warehouse employees, along with those who work at the VA.

— Eric Shock

Letter: County needs more effective legislators

Health care is a human right and Medicaid expansion would allow additional persons to receive health care. Replacing the ineffective legislators would be a good beginning.

— Pat Bullard

.. Community says a long-overdue thank-you to grocer …

I spent many hours in the store talking to June, Miss Shirley, Sgt. Hunter and the many regulars who dropped in daily. It was a regular stop for me on my duty rounds.

— Mark Shue

It was a wonderful turnout for this surprise event, and June deserved all the touching accolades he received. June, his wife Carolyn and his sister, Shirley have been true anchors on the West End.

— Libby Stout Curtis

My family enjoyed many years of service at McLaughlin Store — from my grandmother, Bertha, to my father, Jerry Rhodes, to myself. I hate I missed this opportunity to show him appreciation.

— Beverly Rhodes

Interim manager presents town goals to Spencer aldermen

David Treme brings a wealth of knowledge and a steady hand to the helm in Spencer. We are fortunate to have him as our interim manager.

— Jeff Morris

Letter: Would boys’ win be treated the same?

We have been very vocal about our support for the ladies, from the escort by Salisbury police from the Charlotte airport to multiple escorts through the city by our Salisbury Fire Department. We imagine an invitation to Salisbury City Hall in the near future as well.

— City of Salisbury

Police chief: Re-entry programs needed for prisoners …

My question is why are these convicted felons being released from Piedmont Correctional into Rowan County if this is not their home county? That is problematic in that Rowan County eventually becomes a county of convicted felons and we already have our fair share of home-grown ones.

— Vera Cope

When released they should be returned to their home county, not just let out the door into our county. There are enough in our county already and the staff of probation and parole officers is already overworked.

— Marilyn Martin

When they get to the minimum unit they have to opportunity to get into the work release program, where they can make a full salary if they behaved before they get to the minimum unit. That money goes into an account. When they are released, some inmates can have $1,000 in their account.

Stokes must be thinking of running for some kind of office.

— Jennifer                Love Lester

… Dr. Dolan Hubbard forged impressive academic career

Dolan and I grew up together as a traditional extended black Southern family in Granite Quarry.

The memories of the recreation center, sports, church and walking home after school bring a smile to my heart.

I always felt that Dolan would reach the pinnacle of his endeavors.

— John T. Blakeney

Editorial: Hosey has right vision for Landis

There is not a more honest person around than Roger Hosey. He is great at everything he does because he puts his whole heart into it.

— Linda Porter

Are you sure? I’m thinking the police are getting neglected, having to call in Kannapolis for help on a murder investigation. Maybe policing should be for police and town managing should be for, well, someone who doesn’t have such a full plate.

— Kelly Cooke Owens

All I know is this arrangement reminds me of Mayberry — back in the good days of small-town life. Didn’t Andy manage all aspects of Mayberry, even justice of the peace?

I believe an honest man with multiple irons in the fire is a good way to keep a lot of wrinkles out of the town as a whole. I am proud of the town’s people for recognizing honesty as a quality that needs recognition.

— Tim Workman

Albemarle police chief to raffle AR-15 for fundraiser

This is crazy and I strongly protest. An actual hunting rifle I could see, but no one uses this type of weapon for hunting.

It could also fall into the wrong hands by theft or carelessness.

— Michael Stridick

The AR-15 is one of the most-used rifles for hog hunting.

— Bryan Stewart

How tragically ironic that a custodian of the public peace would want fund a benefit for children by raffling a weapon that was used to slaughter children.

— John Stirewalt

I’m glad to see this police chief recognizes that it’s not the gun that’s evil but the person who used it.

— Michael Shankles