Answering your questions about Hurley Park

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 23, 2019

With the high temperatures, lack of rain and multiple issues the park has had this summer, we have received a few calls, emails and questions from social media about changes, updates and happenings. Because many of the questions are similar we thought it would be best to do a quick Q&A.

Question: I have been taking a few photos of the flowers blooming in the park and there are a few very large white flowers, what are they?

Answer: These are some of the most popular flowers in Hurley Park and many guests want to take photos of them when they are in bloom. The white trumpet looking flowers are called Formosa Lilly and I love to tell people they are sounding off summer with a trumpet salute due to their unique shape and towering structure. Many of the stalks can get up to 6 feet high and have multiple showy blooms. There are two main beds near the corner of Hobson and Annandale. Be sure to check them out before they finish blooming.

Question: I was walking the other day and the irrigation just came on, is there something wrong with your system?

Answer: We recently installed a new irrigation system and although we have had to tweak the times a bit, the system is working well for the park. However, with the warm and dry temperatures, the park has needed additional irrigation in areas, so you may see the irrigation come on from time to time to help out with the drought. We usually try to check the irrigation and the heads monthly so if you see any of them damaged or destroyed please let us know.

Question: I missed the deadline to order my butterfly, can I still get one?

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot order any additional butterflies for this year’s event. The reason we cannot do this is that the butterfly order had to be completed in advance because it takes time for the farm to raise the butterflies to be ready for the migration this October. This was our first time selling the butterflies and we were not sure of the response, but due to the overwhelming interest, it looks like we will be doing this again next year, so be sure to get in touch with us to be put on our butterfly list if you would like to have one for next year. Also, mark your calendars for the Butterfly Release on Sunday, Oct. 6 at 2 p.m., 304 Annandale Ave., across from the City Lake, so you can see this free event.

Question: We have been by the park a few times and the fountain in the pond is not running, is everything OK?

Answer: With the storms the park has received over the last year, the pond area has been flooded with debris and has made the area too shallow for the fountain to run. However, we have plans to dredge the pond the first week of September, so please bear with us during the dredging and cleanup phase so that we can repair the pond area and get the fountain running again.

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