Reading takes students to new places

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 22, 2019

At Sacred Heart, they take reading very seriously. On Monday, the fifth-grade class participated in a “Book Tasting” where they sampled books in five different genres in a cafe-style setting — complete with soft cafe music in the background.
Lynn Frank helped her students find many books to add to their “To Read” lists for the school year and beyond.
Sacred Heart has introduced a new language program in middle school this year. To get everyone on board, Sacred Heart Principal Tyler Kulp and Hugh Gareis started a two-day full Spanish immersion language class with no English at all.
Now, Kulp is working with middle school students to reflect on what it feels like to be somewhere that you don’t know the language. Next, students will research three languages they are interested in learning and why. Students will have to eventually pick one.
Finally, their Rosetta Stone Foreign language lessons will begin.