Ann Farabee: It’s our friendiversary!

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 17, 2019

On July 4, 2015 – a little over four years ago -I remember standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean – well, sort of overlooking the ocean – if I leaned forward and peeked between the two buildings across the street and squinted a bit. Fireworks were scheduled for later that day, obviously because it would be the anniversary date of my first column, The Children, published in the Salisbury Post.

Not only my column, but my picture was there as well. Yes, one day I had been asked to send in a headshot for them to use. I felt like a professional.

It was good to get away on that beach trip, although I have learned that vacation does not free one’s mind from the struggles and issues in life. Only Jesus can do that.

But, on that day, I remember being so excited, standing on that balcony thinking about my column being in print. Yes, I was a columnist!

After it was published, I was hooked.

Sharing my heart with you, my readers – over and over, week after week – is amazing!

I have written about love, life, addiction, prison, fruit, brokenness, school, darkness, heartburn, the pledge, dessert, encouragement, death, holidays, emotions, popcorn, refrigerators, family, armor, beauty, waiting rooms, but God. And… those are just a few of my columns.

I feel like I know you personally. Isn’t that strange? Most of you I don’t, but somehow through the power of words, I do.

As I sit with my laptop, my Bible, my pencil, my notebook – and if it’s early morning, a cup of coffee – I often pray, “Lord, I know You gave me these words for someone. May they be encouraged by them.”

You, my readers, are always in my thoughts as I write, and sharing with you strengthens – and sometimes – heals – my heart.

I pray for my readers every day, all of you. And for those who have sent requests through email or have told me in person, I have not forgotten.

For you all, I am so thankful. I love meeting you. I love reading your emails. I love your encouragement. I love to encourage you.

An email I received this week says it best:

“When the newspaper arrives, I sit down with it and a cup of coffee, and am ready to see what my friend has to say about life and living. We may have never met, but reading your column makes me feel that we are friends.”

Isn’t that what friends are for? Going through life together? Sharing our hearts? Going through the good – and the bad – together? Solomon said in Proverbs 25:11 that words fitly spoken are like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Words from a friend can make a world of difference – thank you for your words to me – and it is my prayer that my words to you be fitly spoken.

Most of you, I do not know. We are yet to meet. But I call you friend.

If you see me, tell me who you are. I’ll be the one that looks 4 years older than my headshot.

And, for those who watch my video, you will probably recognize me immediately when you see me!

See you next week, my friends!

Happy 4th Friendiversary to us!

Ann is a speaker and teacher. Contact her at or

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