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Published 12:00 am Friday, August 16, 2019

… Photographic art exhibit at Salisbury Business Center

This exhibit is well worth taking in. Some of these photo shots are quite incredible.

— Sue McHugh

Deputies unharmed in crash after interstate vehicle chase

Two patrol cars wrecked and two deputies — luckily not injured — could have been killed over an idiot going more than 100 mph on a motorcycle.

— Kenny Goodman

… Jalon Lewis continues his
own story …

Great article about a fine young man. We’ve been blessed at Overton Elementary School with Jalon’s volunteer work at Jump Rope Club. He and so many of the other wonderful student athlete volunteers from Livingstone College have helped to lift up our school community and positively impact and inspire our young scholars.

— Rosemary Wood

At 52, Jorge Saldana earns ESL certificate, GED

His family must be very proud. It goes to show it’s never too late.

— Evelyn Medina

My turn, Wilson R. Cherry: Write to legislators …

Thank you for saying everything I feel but unable to express so eloquently as you.

— Diane Valin Ogden

Cokie and Steven Roberts: No one pulls the trigger alone

The so-called “loners” who seem to commit so many of the worst hate crimes are not “loners” at all on the web. They are card-carrying members of an online global community that encourages and enables the darkest impulses.

— Dana Hunter

Editorial: Referendum should be easy vote for Salisbury council

In this day, the voter must have the option to speak one’s mind. Democracy is rule by and for the people.

— George W. Benson

… Democrats connecting shootings to President Trump?

Trump didn’t pull the trigger. He just supplied the ammunition.

— William H. Moffitt

It seems to me the Democrats would put forth a candidate that can actually win — someone other than a socialist and someone that actually has a clue on how to run the country.

If you’ve watched the Democrat debates so far, it’s been very unimpressive.

— Ron Scruggs

Sigmas of Salisbury work in the community

These men are making a real contribution to the school and to the community.

Taking their time to meet the children and provide role models of generosity and caring is a great way to mold the next generation of leaders.

— Nan Lund

Our first day of school was a remarkable experience for our scholars because of the presence and assistance that this group of men provided.

Thank you, Phi Beta Sigma, for exemplifying leadership and reflecting the positivity that will lend to our mission to produce lifelong learners and leaders.

— Tina Foxx-Wallace

Andria Shores: It’s not enough to drop off canned goods

Thank you for the reminder that there is a difference between charity and justice. The more we fight for justice the less need there will be for charity.

— Regina Dancy

Whitey Harwood: Good intentions don’t mean it’s not littering

The consequences of what one considers good intentions have to be given equal thought.

People putting garbage in the air should be subject to the same rules as those littering our land.

— Joanne Bryla

Special response team follows up on overdoses

How about giving out free medicine to seniors who can’t afford it and quit encouraging druggies to keep using by giving them free Narcan?

— Teresa Sides Eller

Why on earth would you give addicts free Narcan? How about a trip to rehab instead?

— Carol Prevette Vannoy

Some very skilled leadership has come together in Rowan County to tackle this epidemic. It is encouraging to see these positive results.

— Jeff Morris

I can’t believe these comments. What if it were your son, daughter or relative?

Pull your head out of the sand. Are you that unaware of what an epidemic is? There’s enough to help everyone without condemning one to help another.

— Miguel Macgee

Newcomer Jonathan Williams campaigns for Spencer mayor

You just voiced your campaign slogan: “Make the news for all the right reasons.”

— Danny Patterson

Rep. Julia Howard: Cooper should consider impact …

If you are unable or unwilling to get off your rear, do your job and make the hard choices necessary to pass a budget that is built on true compromise (the buzzword would be bipartisanship), then you and anyone else who is refusing to come together needs to be fired and driven out of your comfortable ivory towers you’ve built for yourselves.

— Eric Shock

Letter: States could take action …

The states joined the union. They have to abide by the U.S. Constitution, which has a Bill of Rights. Amendment No. 2 states that Congress shall not infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. There is no such amendment on drug regulations or legalization.

— Steve Poteat