Letter: Time to take steps locally to avoid school shooting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Columbine, Santa Fe, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech and UNC Charlotte — all shootings at public schools. Among other commonalities, each was perpetuated by someone who entered the facility wearing a long coat (trench coat, raincoat, etc.), allowing the shooter to hide weapons and ammunition.

Rowan County commissioners are to be commended for implementing security measures following Columbine. Unfortunately, these measures were intended to prevent an invasion into the school. The measures weren’t intended to prevent student-on-student violence. This week, a student could walk into one of our schools wearing a trench coat and enact his own Columbine tragedy.

The question must therefore be asked of our school superintendent why the simple act of prohibiting this clothing hasn’t been added to the dress code? Must we wait until a heartbreaking loss hits Salisbury-Rowan before we analyze previous tragedies and implement the simplest remedial actions?

— B.D. Robinson