Rowan Dairy Show brings out the winners

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 9, 2019

By Morgan Watts

Rowan Cooperative Extension

The Rowan County Dairy Cattle Show was held on July 31. Youth from all across Rowan brought their dairy cattle to show. I would like to congratulate all the exhibitors that participated and give a shout out to the winners. It was great to see so many youth participating in the show this year. We had 14 youth exhibit their cattle.

I will start with results from the showmanship division. This division is judged on how well the animal is groomed and presented by the exhibitor; the quality of the cow is not judged in this division.

In the Cloverbud Division (ages 5-8), all participants received a blue ribbon. These exhibitors were Pyper Dement, Ansley Hoffner, Anabelle Moore and Jenna Simon.

In the Junior Division (ages 9-12), Finn Moore won first place in his age division followed by Owen Hoffner in second, Bryson Dement in third, and Taylor Simon in fourth.

In the Intermediate Division (ages 13-15), Rhylie Keller won first.

Last but not least, in the Senior Division (ages 16-19), first place was Colby Menius; Morgan Rogers, second; John Lee, third; TK Lark, fourth; and Dylan Hawkey, fifth.

We only had two breeds represented this year at the Jr. Dairy Show in Rowan — Holstein and Jersey. The winner of the Junior Champion for Jersey was Morgan Rogers, which was also the Breed Champion for Jersey. The Junior Champion for Holstein was Colby Menius. TK Lark had the Senior Champion for Holstein and also the Breed Champion.

Several of these participants also competed the next two days at the Statesville District Junior Dairy Show. Pyper Dement, Ansley Hoffner, Anabelle Moore and Jenna Simon all received purple ribbons for Cloverbud Showmanship. In Junior Showmanship, Owen Hoffner was second, Finn Moore was fourth, Taylor Simon was sixth, and Bryson Dement was seventh. Colby Menius was fourth in Senior Showmanship.

We had three different breeds being shown from Rowan County: Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss. Olivia Foster had the Senior Champion and Grand Champion in Brown Swiss. In the Holstein Show, Colby Menius had the Junior Champion, and Hayley Foster had the Senior and Grand Champion. For Jerseys, Olivia Foster had Junior Champion and Hayley Foster had Senior Champion and Grand Champion.

I hope if you see any of these youth around the county that you will congratulate them all on a job well done. It takes dedication to feed and train these animals for show.

I would also like to wish the youth good luck in the rest of the show season this fall.

If you have any questions about the Rowan County Dairy Show or livestock shows in general, call Morgan Watts at N.C. Cooperative Extension, Rowan County Center, 704-216-8970.