My turn, Richard Roberts: Anti-fascists blur true meaning of political ideology

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 30, 2019

By Richard Roberts

Who or what is ANTIFA?

These are mostly young adults who have been fooled by professors, teachers or others who don’t agree with the founding ideas and principles that have given each of us liberty, freedom and justice.

ANTIFA is said to represent opposition to ideas of fascism, but what is fascism? In the 1930s and ’40s dictator Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party came to rule Germany with an iron fist that denied the right of the people to have a different point of view.

Anyone opposing Hitler and his fascist ideas ended up in jail, never to be seen again. Jews living in Germany were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. All of the Jews’ possessions were confiscated by Hitler and used to fund his military effort against neighboring countries in the coming war.

The ANTIFAs of today have been lied to and made to believe that President Donald Trump is guilty of fascism.

However, the exact opposite is true and that is, the ANTIFAs are guilty of denying anyone the right to have an opinion differing from what they have been led to believe.

This political trick is being used today to cover up fascist activities of the progressive, socialist Democrats by accusing others such as conservatives and Republicans of denying others the right of free thought and speech.

If you dare to disagree with the ANTIFA’s ideas about anything, you are branded a fascist or racist, which is the exact example of what fascism represents to the world. They have been taught to believe they don’t have to listen to you; in fact, you don’t have the right to even speak.  This is fascism.

If you have watched the news lately, you would have seen a conservative reporter attacked physically by the radical ANTIFAs. It was enough to be hospitalized. This behavior by ANTIFA is an example of fascism today.

Who represents the right of freedom of thought, speech and action? You should know by now — it is not Antifa!

Unfortunately, this just might be the beginning of great social unrest by those with absolutely no knowledge or understanding of freedom, liberty or justice.

Please, God, save us from those ill-advised, misguided, poorly educated, politically correct people whose greatest fault is their supposed good intentions.

Amen, brother.

Richard Roberts lives in Kannapolis.