Letter: At least have a little dignity in criticism

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 25, 2019

Many years ago, there was a bumper sticker that said, “America, love it or leave it.” Back then, it was seen as a call for nationalism toward the U.S. Today, if you slapped that baby on your car, you’d probably be viewed as a racist bigot who was trying to make America white again.

President Donald Trump is having a love-it-or-leave-it moment. Recently, he told four freshmen ladies of Congress (all of color) that if they didn’t like America, they could go back from where they came.

Politically speaking, it was not his best choice of words. But this is Trump. Who can be surprised? And personally, I don’t blame him. These four women along with the rest of the country have done nothing but blast this man from day one.

But his statement wasn’t about attacking race, religion or gender. It was about wanting people to respect, appreciate and love America, flaws and all. If these progressive revolutionists have another country America should emulate, I’m all ears. But they don’t. They just complain. Anybody can do that.

Trump called out these women not because of who they are but because he fears they hate America. So they are welcome to leave. If Trump is truly the Hitler-like Nazi that people say he is, these four ladies would be long gone without a trace.

I’m sick and tired of all this anti-white, anti-Trump, anti-America garbage. As the president said, you’re welcome to leave. But if you’re going to stay and continue to bash our president and our country, which is certainly your right, at least do it with a small grasp of history and reality.

Having a little dignity along the way wouldn’t hurt either.

— Allan Gillmour