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Talkback: What online readers say about …

Religious leaders to participate in national protest …

Legal or illegal, borders never should be open. Detainment is a must. I do not feel sorry.

— Richard Cleary

They made their choice. If they had stayed at home where they should be, we would not have these problems. It’s not our obligation to take these people in and look after them.

They knew before they came that they would be turned away. It’s the law, people.

— John Wilson

These people who are in these centers are being treated fairly. These are not concentration camps. They are awaiting trial for their claims of asylum. If they are not truly asylum seekers, they are sent back.

— Corey and  Maria Reynolds

To those who judge so harshly from the comfort of your homes and narrow vision, I offer the following quote: “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” And consider yourselves lucky you currently don’t suffer the same plight as those seeking safety and respite from horrific conditions.

— Merry Overholser

Salisbury Pride
elects new officers

I know that Salisbury Pride is in good hands. I’m so proud to have been involved with the board since its inception and look forward to great things to come.

— Beth Meadows

… DaQuan Coleman talks path to college

Powerful story and example of how our past does not dictate our present and future. So very proud of you.

— Regina Dancy

I first-hand know your struggles. You can make that change. Keep testifying your truths and soar to succeed.

— Linda Cowan

You’ve been through a lot, and that determination to make your son proud as well as yourself is definitely commendable. Excellent article. You are about to walk on hallowed ground at Livingstone.

— Chris Sharpe

Letter: Too many enjoy stirring the pot

Folks need to pay attention to the election for City Council if they are concerned with too many people stirring a pot.

At this time, Mayor Al Heggins is back on the ballot and P.J. Ricks has again thrown her hat into the ring.

Both pushed for the public apology from the citizens of Rowan County for hangings that occurred over 100 years ago and both want the statue “Fame” removed.

— Vera Cope

I personally think the statue is beautiful as do many others, but just because something has been there for a long time doesn’t mean it should always have a place.

— Drew Sechler

  Al Heggins files
for re-election …

So, if I read that correctly, her accomplishments after two years are:

• Forming a committee

• Completing the previous mayor’s resolution over an event 113 years ago.

• Inciting discord over a 108-year-old city landmark that sits on privately controlled land.

— Jack Heeler

Rockwell man cited for animal cruelty after viral photo …

This man never needs to have any animal in his care again. This is why animal cruelty should be more than just a misdemeanor with a pat on the wrist.

— Margaret Keys

Letter: Who’s the
real communist?

Sen. Lindsey Graham is well known to sacrifice his principles for the sake of whatever way the political winds blow. Critical of Trump back in 2016, he now worships the ground Trump walks on.

— Eric Shock

… Council takes steps toward separate mayoral election

Unfortunately, I could not attend last night’s council meeting. I did attend the election committee meetings.

There were a total of four meetings held since March 2018. Is four meetings really enough time to truly dissect this important and impactful issue? We often see more time given to committees on issues such as a particular business sign.

— Renee Wimbish

… Make sprucing up Rowan’s side of Yadkin a priority

The Yadkin River would be a perfect spot to locate a river-type park — water slides, canoeing, kayaking, etc. With Davidson County linking to Rowan by the Wil-Cox Bridge, this would be a great opportunity to join with (our neighbors) and create a river-type park or amphitheater.

— Mark Lyerly

… Medicaid expansion is modern-day Second Amendment

The Second Amendment prohibits the federal government from disarming the people, which allows us to protect ourselves from the government (and its never ending taxation) as well as those who would cause us harm.

Medicaid is another socialist government scheme that requires the taking of money from those that earned it and transfers it to those that did not.

— Steve Poteat

Editorial: Separate mayor’s race not only reform needed

If both questions were on the ballot as separate items, voters could choose how much “seismic change” they are willing to tolerate. I think the point is to give voters that choice.

— Jeff Morris


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