Letter: Every little bit helps when recycling

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 7, 2019

Thank you for the “Ask Us” column attempting to clarify new recycling guidelines in Rowan County

The reference to the Rowan county website is good, but not everyone has a computer. Maybe a mailer could be distributed with the new information.

Some people will never recycle no matter what, but for those of us that want to do it correctly, that information needs to be readily available. No one wants to contaminate the process. In checking this website, I see that I unknowingly have done this at times.

The site says only No. 1 and No. 2 plastics are accepted. I don’t recall this stipulation before and had been recycling clean yogurt containers, or so I thought. These are No. 5 and have limited recycling .

You can check the program called “Gimme 5” for options.

So, for now, I’ll forego single-serve yogurt in No. 5 plastic and inform the manufacturers of this decision. One brand is offered in glass, and even the large container in No. 5 plastic is a slightly better choice if you absolutely need yogurt and can re-purpose the container. We need to decrease consumption of all single-use plastic products even if they are recyclable.

Please note: No Styrofoam is recyclable in N.C. Bring your own container to the restaurant if you intend to take some of your meal home no matter what they use for take out.

Every little bit helps. If you don’t care about the future for yourself, think about what you’re leaving for generations to come.

— Joanne Bryla

China Grove