Ada Fisher: Democrats hand presidential race to Trump

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 4, 2019

Whether Democratic Party debates are watched is inconsequential because the paltry field of candidates are far left of center on the issues from where the average citizen of this nation sits.

Providing health care to those illegally in this nation is an anathema to those in this nation who cannot get the same. The “gotcha” usually reserved for the press questions was largely replaced by the candidates who were too numerous to get the time they needed to have their positions heard while they beat up on each other.

It is clear that the Democrats’ racism and sexism over several generations are being unmasked in their positioning for a political advantage that none of the pack clearly possesses.  Civil Rights as a rallying cry is put to a lie as Sen. Kamala Harris confronted former Vice President Joe Biden.

A February 5 expose’ in the Washington Examiner depicting the stance for segregation taken by former Vice President Joe Biden in his previous bid for U.S. Senate run clearly demonstrated the expediency taken by Democrats using blacks to drum up their crowds.

Questioning whether Howard University Law School graduate Harris is black enough, being from Jamaican and Indian stock, is stupid for groups who have felt the oppression of racism in their own way. The question of whether one is “too old” to be considered for president caught many off guard and will also be hurdled at the Republicans. Biden will be 77, Sen. Bernie Sanders will be 79. Trump will be 74 in 2020 and will be the oldest president to seek reelection.

Though Reagan was 73 at his election, none of the candidates, regardless of age, has his appeal or affable manner.

This nation must be concerned about its own health not just those of the migrants. The bone tossed to the supporters of illegal immigration and kids in peril totally ignore the June 4, 2014 Obama position of deterrence, including returning people to Central America. As evidence shows, children are entering with those to whom they are not related — some with no proof of good health.

That along with other conditions can create possible public health hazards.  Where was this same sympathy for the Haitian migrants who often drowned while seeking dry shores from horrific natural disasters and oppressive military regimes?

Couple illegal immigrant concerns with the deafening calls to eliminate U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the stage is being set for internal anarchy. The call to treat illegal immigration as a civil offense rather than a criminal offense would apply to non-citizens whereas people stealing to find food or shelter who are citizens would be criminally prosecuted.

Speaking in Spanish to voters belies the need for us to be “One Nation Under God,” which requires a common language, English, so that we may understand each other.

In one of our schools, over 23 different languages are spoken and we can’t and shouldn’t accommodate all of them. If they want to be citizens expressing our national ethos, we should not be a bilingual nation where ethnicities other than Spanish are ignored.

If the Supreme Court continues in its stance of treating those illegally here with the same rights as those who are citizens, we are in big trouble. The flavor of this democracy will continue the trend towards socialism where there are more paying taxes on their wages for those who are not doing the same.  This is disadvantageous to our citizens.

Sanders’ admission that taxes would be raised is not one to be ignored. Both he and Harris have called for elimination of private insurance, which might please some businesses; however, 180 million would lose their coverage and the government will have taken over another vital service which undergirds citizen privacy while likely making the situation worse.

The lack of foreign policy gravitas and experience is evident for most of the Democrats as is the lack of evidence that they have made a difference where they live.

This may well be the last election that the aging Baby Boomers will have an heavy impact. Ageism won’t be as heavy a factor this year as young “whipper snappers” may like because that is the demographic in which many of us fit.

Salisbury’s Ada Fisher is a licensed teacher, retired physician, former school board member and current N.C. Republican national committeewoman.