Literacy Council honors Myers, Doering, top tutors

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 27, 2019

Rowan County Literacy Council

SALISBURY – During 2018, tutors at the Rowan County Literacy Council volunteered more than 4,000 hours helping fellow Rowan County residents improve their literacy skills. On June 12, RCLC volunteers were honored at a celebratory event at Pancho Villa’s Mexican Grill & Bar to recognize their many achievements.

Program Coordinator Laurel Harry and Executive Director KC Scott noted tutor milestones, shared special accomplishments, and gave out several special awards, including two Rookie of the Year awards, the Catherine Bernhardt Safrit Award for Extraordinary Volunteer Service, and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Don Doering received the Catherine Bernhardt Safrit Award for Extraordinary Volunteer Service for 2018. In his five years with the Literacy Council, Doering has been a tutor, trainer, fundraiser, speaker and board member.

He has tutored for over 1,500 hours and has volunteered countless additional hours promoting the Literacy Council’s programs and events. Doering is a fixture at the library where he can be seen working with his students almost every day of the week. He brings a creative and resourceful approach to his work with the board of directors.

The Literacy Council honored long-time tutor and board member Carolyn Myers with a special Lifetime Achievement Award commemorating her nearly 35 years of continuous service to the Literacy Council. Myers has been a tutor and trainer and has served on the board of directors as treasurer, vice president and president.

She has won numerous accolades over the years, including the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service in 1998 and the Safrit Award in 2001. She has been a guiding force behind the Literacy Council for decades, always keeping the mantra, “Each One, Teach One,” at the heart of the organization’s mission.


The council presents plaques to tutors who log their first 100 hours and gives brass plates for each additional set of 100 hours worked. The following tutors received plaques for having notched their first 100 volunteer hours: Jennifer Doering, Laurel Harry, Chris Kepley (plus 100), Liesa Montag-Siegel (plus 100), Joel Scott (plus 100), Catherine Soderberg (plus 200), Edward Tezlaf, Kathy Vestal and Barry Whenal (plus 300).

Tutor Barry Whenal passed away suddenly in late May, so his award was presented to his wife, Barbara Whenal, and his stepson, Jason Groth. Barry had been simultaneously working with five English Language Learner (ELL) students at the time of his death and embodied the all the traits that make a successful tutor: skill, compassion, humor, creativity and dedication. Barbara Whenal remarked that Barry had been fully committed to the cause of literacy and found great joy in working with his students.

Other veteran tutors were honored for additional hours during the 2018 calendar year, as follows:

100 hours: Willi Beilfuss, Deb Chirico, Rochelle Kirkwood, Thomas Long, Nan Lund, Doug McKenzie, Vance Meek, Carolyn Myers, Helen Peacock, Irene Stewart, Larry Summey.

200 hours: Ray Costello, Char Molrine, Gary Rash, Anne Saunders, Jennifer Welch.

300 hours: Don Doering.

Each year, the Literacy Council recognizes one or more new tutors who have shown exemplary dedication and spirit. For 2018, tutors Rita Sims and Dan Durrett received the Rookie of the Year awards.

The Rowan County Literacy Council has been serving Rowan County since 1976 and is headquartered in the main branch of Rowan County Public Library at 201 W. Fisher St. RCLC is a United Way Agency whose student programs are free of charge to individuals in the community.

For more information on enrolling as a student or becoming a tutor, please visit the website at or call 704-216-8266.