Letter: Students set example for future of society

Published 12:43 am Thursday, June 27, 2019

North High School presented “The Lion King Jr.” in May, and the play was phenomenal. I say this after having witnessed plays on Broadway, downtown New York City and other places. Kudos to Ms. Alexander and all those who assisted/participated in this production.

I was impressed as I sat mesmerized to nearly a full house at the May 4th performance. I was struck by the stage scenery as well all the movable decor. The performers (students) ranged from elementary to high school and, if my eyes did not play tricks on me in the dark, even a preschooler. It reinforced my thinking of what our children are capable of doing and learning.

What I saw in the Lion King Jr. was something beyond the well-presented production. Given the day and temperament of our society, I saw a blended audience in every measure of the word. The audience were putting aside everything that separate us as a people, and coming to see and support their children or child, relative, friend or students. The cast members are our children of the present and, yet, the future, too. They came from various backgrounds, religions, cultures, traditions and social-economic statuses. Yet, they found a way to bring forth this exceptional drama.

Could these students be the window into the future of this hard, cold society of violence, hatred and prejudice? A society where the big lion eats the weaker lion?

I suggest we answer this question with a loud “no.”

We are better than that.  I believe our children are asking adults to come out of our stereo-types, myths and preconceived ideas of one another and learn from The Lion King Jr. production as a template where we all get along and survive in this jungle called life.

— Odinga Lawrence Maddox