Letter: Dems side with Cooper over abortion survivors

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The recent failed veto override in the state House over the “born alive” bill is disgusting.

This topic is one that is often misconceived by many people. This bill is not a war on women nor does it restrict them from talking to their physicians.

This bill was clearly meant to save the lives of innocent babies who were victims of a failed abortion. We had 53 Democrats vote against the veto override, and these people should be held responsible. Why is siding with Gov. Roy Cooper more important than protecting abortion survivors?

Why do people feel that the “born alive” bill signifies a war on women? Why is so hard to understand that this bill is meant to protect abortion survivors?

How can people claim to have morals, and still support the killing of babies who survive an abortion? It’s time for people to wake up and hold the governor and his political colleagues responsible for the murder of abortion survivors.

I pray for our governor and the people in our General Assembly, and I hope justice for abortion survivors is served one day.

This is entirely disrespectful to survivors who were a part of a failed abortion.

— Giovanni “Vincent” Spillman