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Published 12:00 am Friday, June 14, 2019

Vigil highlights human cost of Medicaid …

Medicaid expansion provides states with a tool to make health care more affordable for all by making sure more North Carolinians are covered by health insurance, in turn connecting people to the care they need and boosting the well-being of families and communities.

Treating large numbers of uninsured patients puts a financial strain on hospitals, and has caused six hospitals in rural locations to close since 2013.

— Mary Walker

Let’s place more debt on our children. Health care should be about health. Why should a healthy, young adult pay the same price as an overweight middle aged smoker? Food for thought.

— Walter Vaughn III

Jalen Cook receives maximum of 8.25 years …

They will be out in four years committing mayhem on the streets again.

— Pamela Cooper

Story sounds like a rap song. Oh well, it’s a happy ending for the murderer.

— Agnew Dellinger

David Freeze: After sleeping on gravel and in pickup …

I love reading about all of the places and adventures on your road trips.

— Matt Marshburn

City to have public meeting on ‘Fame’ June 17

This monument had nothing to do with the coward that shot and killed nine people in that church in Charleston, South Carolina.

— James Lambert

Lock up the punks vandalizing. Don’t worry about our statues.

— Norman Hill

The NAACP and Salisbury Indivisible shouldn’t have anything to do with it. No wonder the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans didn’t show up.

— Todd and Mary Wilhelm

Stop the hate against southern people’s great-great-grandparents. There’s nothing stopping the NAACP from building themselves a monument.

— John Bond

Worry more about the crime in the city and less about a statue. Salisbury has turned into a den of thieves and murderers and you’re worried about a statue?

This just shows how the City Council is too busy being social justice warriors and not being politicians that represent the interests of the community.

— Will Leazer

It’s always been about more than the statue.

It’s been about public safety. Do we care about the safety of our community members?

— Anthony Smith

Letter: Where was the coverage of Trump’s Europe visit?

Maybe it wasn’t printed because the Post has always focused more on local and state news than national and international news?

— Eric Shock

Pedestrian killed when hit by train in Landis

So often folks that make comments express great sorrow for the victim or family, as it should be.

I have never personally witnessed a collision, but I have been on the lead engine many times and seen many vehicles go around gates and only by the grace of God they made it across.

Engine crews suffer greatly when a pedestrian or vehicle operator kills themselves.

— Danny Patterson

David Freeze: Day 4 brings howling winds and freezing temperatures

We were David’s first night stay at Windbreak RV Park in Doyle, Ca.

My wife is Pam Wells who initially made contact with David on his first night out. We wake up excited each day to read of his adventures!

— Terri Julian

Letter: ‘Fame’ debate will cause division

When I must cling to any object because it is dear to me, even when it strikes fear and painful memories in others about me, I am guilty of idolatry. My faith informs me that I must be willing to let go so that others may receive the gift of healing.

— GeoRene Jones

… When will Spencer’s Fourth Street, Yadkin Avenue be paved?

So it is November now? We were told total completion would happen by October last year. So let’s hope for great weather and a kept time table.

— Laura Rodd

Letter: Solution to ‘Fame’ controversy waiting in Alabama

If, in fact, this community wants to be as historically accurate as possible, then let’s do it. Let’s install the memorial of which Betty Jo Hardy speaks right in the middle of the green at the other end of where the confederate statue now stands.

— Whitney Peckman

Letter: Some using ‘Fame’ to advance agenda

Do not rewrite history,” yes. But do not live in denial of the fullness of history.

Appreciate its uplifting aspects, but don’t ignore the dark side of human nature that occurred. Both aspects affect us to this day.

— Jeffrey Sharp

City Council sets two-hour comment limit …

I appreciate the effort by whomever to provide a large space for the obvious crowd that will attend this meeting, but of all the large venue facilities available in Salisbury, did they have to pick one in a predominately black neighborhood that is riddled with crime and shootings?

— Vera Cope