Letter: Why are we so quick to call out each other?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 9, 2019

Recently, a renowned golf instructor named Hank Haney has come under fire for an interview he had on Sirius radio. I have not heard the actual interview, but I have read the parts that have been published.

Here’s what he said:

He said he didn’t know the women’s U.S. Open was being played in Charleston, South Carolina. Neither did I, and I follow golf. He thought the U.S. Open might be won by a Korean. Seeing how South Korea has a lot of the best lady golfers in the world, that is not a stretch.

He said he didn’t know a lot of the ladies’ names but that the winner might have the name Lee. Currently, South Korea has six ladies with the last name Lee. How many Mickelsons, Kuchars, Kaymers, Koepkas or Spieths are on the men’s tour?

Needless to say, all hell has broken loose for Haney. He’s being called every name in the book. One female writer for USA Today stated that Haney’s comments signaled to everyone that nobody but white males should consider picking up golf clubs from now on.

This is over-the-top nonsense. And since when did this country become so anxious to label someone as something? I sense a self-serving motive.

I’m no shrink, but I think some people think that by calling someone a “something” they are not that “something.” You’re a sexist. Therefore, I am not a sexist.

Regardless, Haney’s life is forever changed, possibly ruined. I hate to think this happened so some people could feel good about themselves.

And by the way, a lady from South Korea named Lee won the U.S. Open.

— Allan Gilmour