David Freeze: Teri and Philip still on track

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 9, 2019


By now, Teri Shaw and Philip Martin know what they need to do to keep the results coming. Here are their recaps of lifestyle changes.

Teri, Parks and Recreation coordinator at City Park, said, “I am amazed with my own results and proud of myself! Sick and tired of my old habits, I realized complaining was another form of excuses. I was over-going to the doctor for an issue only to be told you can fix this by exercise. I was over-paying for prescriptions that temporarily masked the issue. I was over constant pain in my body. Now, soreness is from the kettlebell class, or my feet hurt from running an extra half mile. For this good soreness, I can drink water, ice and rest! That’s an awesome feeling. My drive comes from not wanting to go back from where I came. I like the new body that I’m working hard to create.”

Philip, GM at Chick-fil-A and pastor, said, “I am accustomed to working out on a daily basis, helping my body to feel better and more energized each day. The elliptical workouts take away the pounding on my knees and back and keeps the whole body moving. I have started lifting weights again, ready to get back into the shape I was a few years ago.”

As with all good habits, there can still be issues. Teri said, “My biggest issue still is drinking enough water! I still have cravings too, but a small amount of whatever I’m craving does the trick. Now that my body rejects the junkie stuff, I feel sluggish and sick to my tummy when I overdo it. I’m thankful that my body is holding me accountable when my mind says take another bite!”

Philip said, “The problems are still finding time for sleep and eating well. Some healthy options help at work. However, when I leave the restaurant, its easier to grab and go which crushes gains from earlier in each day. Stress has caused my weight to fluctuate this month, so I made a decision to change this. I will no longer be pastoring at the two churches I served for the past 17 years. My last Sunday at both churches is Sunday, June 30th. I love to preach the Word, lead our worship band and work with students, but stepping away will give me the ability to spend more time with my family and invest in my wellness. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our community through pastoral ministry and look forward to what God has in store in the future.”

I will be away on my summer adventure over the next two months. This has been a make or break time for the participants over the last few years. Philip and Teri seem to enjoy each other and have found good success with texting updates on daily activities. This slipped some in May and I asked both to make at least one or two weekly workouts together a priority during June and July.

Teri said, “Phillip does more weightlifting than I do, and I like taking some of the scheduled classes. This would be a good opportunity to try out what the other enjoys doing. I like lifting but feel weights are an activity more enjoyable with a partner. I plan to keep moving forward with my training! This time will be good practice for maintaining once the program is over. It is good knowing that David can address challenges by email and offer advice even while he is away.”

Planning for the gym 5-6 times per week, Philip has promised to coordinate with Teri. He said, “No worries about any form of derailing from me. I will not go back to the unhealthy lifestyle that I was living. Other than David, my daughter Avery reminds me every day through our weekly Apple watch competition to keep moving or she’ll beat me. I can’t let that happen. Our family also spends time daily swimming in our pool so I’ll get even more exercise with them. I am also running the Sole Hope 5K so I have to continue to get ready for that.” Philip just completed the Foot Pursuit 5K and plans to get involved in its sponsorship.

In June, Teri wants another five pounds gone while adjusting to running in the humidity. Philip also wants to lose five more pounds and said, “My family is really enjoying the process and encouraging me. I am thankful for both David and Teri for their support in this process. I’m looking forward to another successful month.”

Teri lost another big five pounds and is down 33 for the year. Philip dropped 4.5 for a current tally of 31 lost.

They are rolling! If you see them, encourage them. We’ll report again at the end of June.



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