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Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 8, 2019


Nick is a well known person in town. You may have heard his name, since he is on the Council. He is a highly educated, in-charge kind of guy. It would be safe to say that he is a religious leader, who tends to be hypocritical.

People probably think of him as having a lot going for him. One would expect him to be content. One would expect him to be confident. But… he isn’t.

Because …he has a spiritual problem. One night, he could not stop thinking about it. Sleep would not come. He knew about Jesus. He knew Jesus had the answers to his questions. So, in the dark stillness of the night – while others slept – while no one was around – he went searching for Jesus.

It was as Jeremiah 29:13 says: You will seek me, and find me, when you search for me with your whole heart.

Nick found Jesus. And, after that encounter, his heart was changed. He decided not to share the news with others, though. Instead, Nick became a secret believer.

As time passed, the details of his days began to show his growing faith, and at one of his Council meetings, he publicly defended the name of Jesus.

There may be a bit of Nick in all of us. We have all been there at times – as secret believers – not quite boldly ready to proclaim the name of Jesus from the rooftops at that moment – or even the next moment – but slowly becoming stronger and stronger in our faith each day. Then, one day – the boldness shows up!

That happened with Nick:

He heard the news. Jesus had died on the cross. He knew he needed to be there. He no longer cared if he came secretly! He carried seventy five pounds of myrrh and aloe with him to anoint the body. That was enough to bury royalty! Along with Arimathaea, he began to compassionately, respectfully, and lovingly prepare the body of his Jesus.

Surely, as he began to wrap and anoint the body, he thought back to how Jesus had welcomed him in the dark of the night – and how his life had been changed.

Surely, his tears were flowing – even on to the linen cloths of his Lord – as his actions boldly informed the world that Jesus was his King.

Surely, it was a time of communion like none other, as the honor of serving his Jesus was just as real in His death as it had been in His life.

Nick knew.

We know, too.

As it was the story of Nicodemus, it is also the story for each of us:

In the dark of our night.

In the details of our day.

In the death on the cross – that led to our victory.

The answer is Jesus.

The story of Nicodemus was brought to you by John 3:1-21;7:50-52; and 19:39-40.

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