Quotes of the week

Published 12:01 am Friday, June 7, 2019

“It’s been a long time, you know, and I’ve lost some of my memory. I only know that I was scared to death.”

Eugene Hobbs, 97, a veteran of the D-Day
invasion, remembering that turning point in World War II on its 75th anniversary on Thursday

“I’m proud of these guys. They were never out of anything. We had a lot of good kids here — and it’s always more fun with the good ones.”

Jim Gantt, coach of the Catawba College baseball team, after an 8-5 season-ending loss to Mercyhurst in the Division 2 College World
Series on Tuesday

“Let’s face it. It’s just a matter of time before I have to choose between death and debt.”

Mike-o Martelli, describing his troubles maintaining health insurance coverage during a Wednesday evening vigil to support calls for North Carolina to expand Medicaid coverage
under the Affordable Care Act

“Our kids are capable of this. They deserve it, and they work hard. … I would want this for my own children, so I want it for every kid here.”

Superintendent Chip Buckwell of
Kannapolis City Schools, who was named
Superintendent of the Year for the southwest region of North Carolina, on his aim to prepare all students for the workforce, higher education or the military

“Parks and Rec is no longer just basketball and football. … Pickleball is a trend, and it is increasing every year.”

Nick Aceves, director of the Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department, which at the
direction of the City Council is working on plans to provide permanent courts for pickleball
players at city parks

“We will all be meeting in hell together.”

Bianca Koontz, a cousin of Anthony Gill, speaking outside the courthouse Wednesday after Jalen Cook pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the deaths of Gill and Da’Quan Robertson, who were shot in downtown
Salisbury in July 2017 during an altercation
involving about 20 people