Graduation 2019: Carson High School All-County Scholars

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 7, 2019

Carson High School’s All-County Scholars

Hannah Brooke Jones

Hannah Brooke Jones is the daughter of David and Rhonda Jones of Kannapolis. A senior at Carson High School, Hannah attended Bostian Elementary School and China Grove Middle School. In the fall, she will attend North Carolina State University, where she will study human biology. Hannah’s career goal is to be a pediatric eye, ear, nose and throat physician’s assistant. 

Hannah lettered in cheerleading while in high school. She was also the senior class president, head of communications for Carson’s student leadership team, and was team captain for Carson’s Relay for Life team.

Favorite assigned book: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

Defining moment in my life: When I made the North Carolina State Dance Team, because it had always been a dream of mine. It also symbolized my hard work and dedication to dance throughout my life and proved that hard work really does pay off.

Secret to high school success: Time management and being sure not to procrastinate as well as staying focused and constant support from family and teachers. STUDY.

If I had $10 million: The first thing I would do is tithe to my church. I would provide my family with some of the wealth. I would also donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With the rest, I would buy myself a luxury car and a beach house in Tampa, Florida.

Heather Robin Mauzy 

Heather Robin Mauzy is the daughter of Ronald and Katherine Mauzy of Salisbury. A senior at Carson High School, Heather attended China Grove Elementary, Faith Elementary School and Southeast Middle School. In the fall, she will attend East Carolina University, where she will major in recreational therapy.

According to Heather, her career goal is to help others regain a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment through fun activities. Specifically, she seeks to working with at-risk children and mental health patients to help them overcome the struggles in their lives and acclimate to the realities they deal with on a daily basis.

She has been a member of the Drama Club, Key Club and the National Honors Society.

Favorite assigned book: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

Defining moment in my life: A defining moment in my life was when I joined the theatre department at my school. Throughout the past four years, I have grown and learned from everyone around me, and I have become someone that always strives to be better. I have visited Nebraska, been the lead in a show, participated in a traveling children’s show and helped bring joy to others. These experiences have forever changed me into a kinder, more emphatic person.

Secret to high school success: The secret to my high school success has genuinely been working hard. I have seen as lots of my peers shrugged off work and decided they would take the easy way out. Sometimes succeeding is not easy, but it always takes hard work. I always choose to challenge myself and never back down from each task.

If I had $10 million: would honestly be practical with it. I have never been one to waste money, so I would use it to help pay for my college, and then the rest I would use to help start my career. I have always dreamed of being able to help my community and I would honestly say I would use the money to help my community.

Hayden James Trayah 

Hayden James Trayah is the son of Wendy Trayah, of Salisbury. A senior at Carson High School, he attended Knollwood Elementary School and Southeast Middle School. In the fall, he will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he will study business administration with hopes to achieve an executive position or management role in the automotive industry.

During his time at Carson, Hayden was the president of Political Discussion Club, a member of Dr. Moody’s Superintendent Leadership Team and vice president of Science and Math Club.

Favorite assigned book: “1984” by George Orwell.

Defining moment in my life: A defining moment of my life was attending Governor’s School in 2018. It took me out of far out of my comfort zone as I moved away from home for six weeks to study natural science. It prepared me for living away from home in an academic space while engrossing me in an enriching environment where fellow students and the brilliant staff inspired my joy for learning.

Secret to high school success:  Every student is capable of achieving the academic success that they desire but many students that struggle do not put forth the effort to reach it. Turning in work, listening in class and taking school seriously will inevitably lead you to greater opportunities later on.

If I had $10 million: I would save and invest half of it. With the remaining sum, I would pay for my mom to retire and move to a better home. I would pay for my college tuition and save enough to pay the tuition for my children and future wife’s educations as well. With whatever’s left, I’d buy the coolest car collection in North Carolina!

Ada Yun Wong 

Ada Yun-yee Wong is the daughter of Tommy and Lori Wong of Salisbury. A senior at Carson High School, Ada attended Knollwood Elementary and Southeast Middle School.

In the fall, she will attend Duke University where she plans to major in computer science. Her hope is to become a software developer at a well-known company and eventually develop my own business later down the road.

Ada was a varsity cheerleader for two years during her time at Carson, and also served as president of Prom Committee, president of Health Occupation Students of America Club, and president of Interact Club.

Favorite assigned book: “1984″ by George Orwell.

Defining moment in my life: My acceptance into Duke University is one of the most defining moments of my life. It represents all the hours I put into school and volunteer work, and I cannot be any happier with where I will be going to this upcoming fall.

Secret to high school success: The secret to high school success is to take advantage of all the opportunities given. From doing the school musical to testing my academic boundaries, I made sure all four years were well spent. I stayed focus in the classroom and made sure to be involved in extracurricular that I found interest in. My advice to future high school students would be to do something you wouldn’t normally do as you might just end up falling in love with it!

If I had $10 million: I would make sure my family got everything they’ve ever dreamed of and more because they deserve all of it. I would also want to build a school for underprivileged children that emphasizes technology and women’s empowerment. Lastly, I would like to give back to various charities to help those that are not as fortunate.