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Talk back: What online readers say about …

Editorial: NAACP’s call for resignation premature

This editorial from someone at the Post is almost laughable.

The knowledge of the events goes much deeper into Sylvia Chillcott’s actions than just the audio recording.

To jump down into the editorial to the point of bringing up former manager Terence Arrington’s past employment history is totally not relevant to the situation in the audio. The audio conversation had no relevancy relating to his employment situation until Chillcott’s wife butted into the conversation.

— Danny Patterson

Family of murder victim Mya Miller speaks out …

If this man is found guilty, without a shadow of a doubt, he should go straight to the front of the line.

No sitting on death row for 15 to 20 years awaiting appeals. Life in prison shouldn’t be an option.

— James Lambert

He is a felon, so he “shouldn’t” have had a gun to begin with. But he got one anyway.

— David Pruett

Missing teen Michael Earley was beaten, buried

I can’t believe how demonic and inhumane these three are.

These were completely premeditated and heinous acts of demonic, unforgivable violence.

This is punishable only by death.

— Steve Earley

State grant for Empire Hotel         project in question

Sen. Carl Ford, R-33, said, “It is unlikely the project will be added to the Senate budget since the chamber plans to decrease spending.”

Yet Rep. Harry Warren said, “There may be an opportunity to add it back in later” — as if that will save that state money.

It is too bad that the Democratic governor asked for the money instead of our local Republican representatives from the beginning. We would not have to play this game.

— Michael S. Young

Cokie and Steven V. Roberts: Trump’s war on legal immigrants

This is a major area of concern, but it is far from the only area. The hand-picked Attorney General William Barr actively helps to subvert the law of the land and cover up criminal acts. Hatred and gun violence are rampant.

The misdeeds are too countless to list, as signs show a move toward dictatorship and a needless war in Iran.

— Pat Bullard

Law enforcement, community honor fallen officers

It is very nice for Rowan County to remember those who gave all. I’m just wondering if they tried to reach out to all the families of the fallen officers?

— Kathy Sechler

Rowan-Salisbury Schools unveils renewal plan

Republican Mark Johnson is no friend to teachers and is fairly reviled across the state as a proponent of charters and vouchers.

Widely considered a puppet of the party, he taught for only two years and truly seems to have no idea what he is doing.

When he says this is the future, please keep in mind most teachers don’t even want him in office past 2020.

— James Bucky Carter

… Cheerwine Festival gives downtown …

Nine of us from Goldsboro spent the day. It was great and we had a ball. We plan to do it next year.

— Shirley Pelletier

We came in from Lancaster, S.C. We stayed at Carolina Country Campground. It was a great weekend. We didn’t stay for the music.

Maybe next year a little beach music — Cheerwine and beach music.

— Jack Hinson

We visited Salisbury to see our daughter and family from out of town for the festival.

It was very nice, with good food and drink options. Parking was easy and the bands were good, especially Smash Mouth.

But who thought that putting the mixing boards under tents 20 yards from the stage was a good idea?

Unless you were in front of those mixing boards, which was near impossible with the crowd and our baby carriage, at least half the stage was blocked.

— Larry August

Ever since we moved to Salisbury in 2013, I’ve always been amazed at the events such a small town puts on for this community.

This year’s Cheerwine Festival was one for the books, and I hope it and all the other fun things Salisbury does for the community continues.

Ada Fisher: Some facts missing from abortion debate

Thank you for an objective stand on an emotional issue inflamed by politicians with agendas that interfere with a woman’s responsibility to make a desperate, sad and dangerous decision.

Your position may encourage one to insist that the political pundits and pseudo experts be sued for medical malpractice, practicing medicine without a license and willful misinformation.

— Reginald Brown

I feel that this article should be required reading for lawmakers in every state of our nation as they introduce bills to limit access to safe and sometimes necessary abortions.

— Pat Sledge

Cal Thomas: What would Biden’s return Obama era look like?

I encourage Republicans to look at a big picture. As difficult as it may be to wrap your head around, consider the possibility that President Donald Trump loses his re-election bid.

If that were to happen, I ask, who of the field of more than 20 Democrats would you rather have?

— Eric Shock

Letter: Culprits of deep state coup …

Democrats are running scared now that origins of their corrupt hoax is being investigated.

— Ron Scruggs

It is incredible how the uninformed people on the other side of the aisle don’t see this as well. The Russians interfered on their own accord.

— Jess and Rita Goldin

Randy Biggerstaff is straight out of the Twilight Zone. Unfortunately, we got the president with the help of the Russians.

This president needs to be voted out and put in jail with the rest of his crooks.

— Reginald Brown

Salisbury city manager recommends a tax rate decrease

The headline should have read “City Manager recommends a tax increase.”

— Gary S. Yost

My turn, Carol Pomeroy: Moving ‘Fame’ …

Why are we wasting time, energy and breath arguing about a statue that is now a piece of history? Let “Fame” stand where it has stood all along. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. If it offends you, then maybe you’re too sensitive.

— Brian Keith Maher

Leave the statue where it is.

We need the money that it would take to move it to be put to better use.

It is history, learn from it and move on.

— Phyllis Greene Steinauer



Rowan County administers 700 vaccines, with majority going to local educators


Shoplifting at Walmart presents challenge for Salisbury police


Commissioners will hear details about changes to solar energy policies


After overcoming obstacles, local barber Daniel King earns registered status


39th annual K12 student exhibitions go virtual


Biz Roundup: Chamber of Commerce to host ‘Salute to Agri-Business’ at March Power in Partnership


Local legislators back bills ranging from new restrictions on sex offenders to Holocaust education


After surviving COVID-19 scare, Lois Willard set to celebrate 100th birthday

High School

Carson rolls over South 41-0 as about 600 allowed in to see season opener for both


East Spencer after school program looks toward opening, nonprofit status


Frank Ramsey inducted into the NC Military Veterans Hall of Fame


Livingstone’s Stoutamire inducted into 2021 CIAA Hall of Fame


J&J’s 1-dose shot cleared, giving US 3rd COVID-19 vaccine


13 deaths reported in Rowan, county stresses need to receive second dose


10% of Rowan residents receive first dose; eight COVID-19 deaths reported this week


North Carolina State Highway Patrol commander to retire


UNC School of the Arts may go for online learning due to COVID-19 spread


Greensboro site to administer 3,000 daily vaccine doses starting March 10


Update: $1.9 trillion relief bill passes House, moves on to Senate


Lady Gaga’s dogs recovered safely


Update: FDA follows advisers’ recommendation, OKs single-shot COVID-19 vaccine from J&J


Post wins 18 N.C. Press Association Awards


Cooper vetoes bill that would force K-12 schools to reopen


Lanning named Spencer’s fire chief