Talkback: What online readers are saying about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 26, 2019

… Salisbury High School celebrates new greenhouse

Congrats to my colleagues who put forth so much effort to make this dream a reality. I’m proud to work with such dedicated educators. Ms. Fugle’s smile on this great day was contagious.

— Ann Marie Wagner Bourque

Leonard Pitts: Admit truth as reality continues to betray …

The willful misinterpreted and distortion of Ilhan Omars’s statement regarding 911 made by the President contradicts her actions. Congressman Omar cosponsored HR 1327 a bill that seeks to fully fund the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Actions do speak louder than words.

— Reginald Brown

Salisbury High School administrators present plan …

Stress free zones areas where students can decompress? Get real. That is not the real world. How will they cope in the working world. There’s no coddling there.

— Joseph R Hammel

Jurors find Donald Frye guilty in 2017 murder …

Sheila was a dear friend to me and my husband. She would have helped anyone if she was able to. This man had no right to beat her so badly.

— Linda Miller

Josh Bergeron: Recent good news hasn’t eliminated …

My prediction: No 1, Rowan-Salisbury Schools will lobby for increased funding from the county, indicating it will help keep more schools open longer. No 2, John and Jane Q Nimby will demand that tax rates be decreased so county’s revenues will stay the same. Thus, they’ll demand RSS funding remain flat. No. 3, John and Jane Q Nimby will demand the schools remain open (at least the ones in the part of the county the particular Nimby lives in). No. 4, the proverbial can will be kicked down the road once again because of the pressure that the Nimbys continue to push on RSS and the county commissioners.

– Eric Shock

… Salisbury’s Land Development Ordinance limits …

At one time, there was an organized effort to encourage nearby towns to adopt a land use plan that would be at least as restrictive as that which was adopted by Salisbury in 2008. Neighboring towns elected not to be as restrictive as Salisbury had been with its plan in order to encourage job growth and more housing opportunities. Now, the popular phrase, “infill development” is being used with greater frequency. But David Post is correct in stating that the City of Salisbury needs to increase the pace of loosening their restrictions on development.

– Jeff Morris

I think Rowan County residents are fortunate to have progressive, proactive and forward thinkers on their board. I also think many cities and towns have reactive relationships with their populace, and that is unfortunate. The town of north Landis, also known as Spencer, is one of those.

— Danny Patterson

My Turn, Bruce LaRue: Pave paradise; put up a Dollar General

I’m trying not to get one a mile from me too. Just how many Dollar Generals does a town need? We already have one, and they want to put another one not 5 miles away from the other.

— Jane McCarthy

This article sums up how we all feel. Bruce made the same point I made at the meeting — if this happens it will be the beginning of the end of Mount Ulla as we know and love it.

— Jill Stewart

Great article. The county is for it because it drives up the estimated local property values but then drives the locals and the quaintness out to where you have an area like we are on Hwy. 29 near China Grove.

— Gregory Michael

My turn, Elaine Hewitt: No need to destroy history …

Very well said. Thank you Elaine. Now, if only all will take it to heart.

— Vera Cope

Salisbury builds it brand around history. That should include all it’s history.

— James Bostwick

I am sure Ms. Hewitt is well-intentioned, but her pretense of a reasonable discussion is just pretense, isn’t it?

If one can argue that vandalism is a reason to keep the statue where and the way it is, one can also argue that it should be moved or repurposed because that which is celebrates was built on violence and oppression. To claim that one view is valid while the other is not is to assert a privilege.

— Luke Hamaty

Letter: Release returns only if evidence of crimes

Many of us, not just Congress, would like to see those returns. We recognize that the precedent has been set with every candidate for the last 40 years releasing their returns. Now what could someone who is on his third marriage, filed bankruptcy four times and successfully dodged his military obligation have to hide?

— Eric Marsh

Vandalism or not, the focus should still be on what is the right thing to do with a Confederate statue in a prominent location in this or any town. The persons expressing a desire and stating reasons for relocating the statue in positive ways have far outnumbered the few vandals.

— Barry Stokes

Rowan legislators react to governor’s veto …

When did Pittman and Ford get their medical degrees? Leave medical decisions to the doctors and worry about real issues — not things they’ve “heard.”

— Joanne Bryla

This a real issue and Go. Roy Cooper’s veto shows how he is unfit for office at any level in this state.

— Samuel Pittman

DSS holds balloon release for child abuse prevention

Thank you, for pursuing other, more environmentally friendly alternatives for coming observances such as butterfly releases, planting trees, etc.

— Mark Lyerly