A day at Food Lion headquarters: Kids see what their parents do for a living

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 26, 2019

SALISBURY — For the annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” this year, the Food Lion headquarters decided to join in and invite employees’ children to the workplace to get a better understanding of jobs there.

For Kelley Spears, who works in the category management department, the invitation came at the perfect time. Her son, Landon, had just asked her about coming to work with her.

Although Landon is in first grade, the day gave him an opportunity to begin to think about what he can aspire to, Spears said.

Her department hosted a booth to show kids what their parents do in a kid-friendly and educational way. The booth had different products and asked for kids to guess the prices. 

Spears said her son got the majority correct.

Zulekha Grubb, who also works in the category management department, brought her 11-year-old daughter, Jazlynn Watkins. Grubb said she is happy that she works for a business willing to take part in the day.

Jazlynn said she enjoyed interacting with other kids and employees. Attending gave her an appreciation for what Food Lion does, she said.

Jazlynn and her mother packed bags as part of the Food Lion Feeds program, learned about time management through a “time is money” booth and decorated cupcakes.

Cathy Horvath, creative designer for packaging, led a taste-testing booth with her colleagues. Kids could try two different cereal bars and fruit juices to rate them. One was the Food Lion brand; the other was a name brand. Horvath said the booth was designed to teach kids to explore their sense of taste while ensuring parents can save money and provide a tasty option at the same time.

Millette Granville, vice president of talent, diversity and inclusion and organizational development, said although Food Lion’s sister companies have hosted Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, this year was the first for the Salisbury-based grocery store chain. 

The employees’ response was overwhelming, Granville said. About 100 kids signed up to attend.

“I’m truly proud to work at Food Lion where leadership is very supportive,” Granville said. “They are a company that is so supportive of involving our children.”

Granville said Food Lion is looking ahead to its annual family day in the summer but said the company plans to have future Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Days.