Under one roof: Full Force Production Co. helps launch music careers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 7, 2019

By Liz Moomey

SALISBURY — Combining music, photography and marketing, Full Force Production Co. wants to be a one-stop shop for musicians hoping to take a step with their careers.

Located At 124 1/2 W. Innes St., Full Force brings together Morgan Wright, Brian Rankin of Rank Up Studios, Bruce Parham of Phantom Powered Production, and Timothy Witcher of Unique Vision Photography to create a package product to boost local musicians in an intimate environment.

“I want this to become a household name, so that way the city knows who they can come to get things done as far as music, photography, marketing, anything,” said Wright. “They know we’re the go-to spot to get things done and get out the greatest product possible.”

Full Force Production opened Friday. The second-floor area has a photography studio, recording booth and studio, and meeting rooms.

“Next thing your music is out, you want to do a video, you want to get your pictures, you want to get your stuff up on social media,” Rankin said. “We all work together. It’s like a one-stop shop.”

With years of experience, Rankin said he has helped every type of artist, including those who are starting their career. He also has helped CHEZdotSANTANA, a Salisbury recording artist known for the song “2AM in Shotzbury.”

“We’re trying to record you like your Cardi B, Garth Brooks or Maroon 5,” Rankin said. “We treat everyone the same. There are no ego trips over here. Get in here and do what you need to do.”

Although Rankin said he specializes in rap, R&B and hip-hop, he has also recorded country and rock artists.

“I’ve done all types,” Rankin said. “It’s not a box. You can come in and record whatever you want to record. You got a voice, you want to put it out, let’s get it done, and that’s all there is to it.”

The recording studio, he hopes, will bring more notoriety to Salisbury, Rowan County and the surrounding area. He thinks he’ll attract up-and-coming artists from Charlotte and Greensboro who want one-on-one attention at an affordable price.

He and Witcher will be hands-on and focused on getting a good product out that the artist actually likes.

“I don’t want you to be putting something out there that you don’t really want to stand behind,” Rankin said.

Full Force Production Co. is also partnering with Livingstone College’s WLJZ 107.1 FM to help artists get on the radio and showcase their talent to the college community.

“You’ve got to start and build up,” Rankin said. “You don’t just jump straight from here sitting beside Queen Latifahs and the Jay-Zs. You have to build up.”

Both Wright and Rankin have seen Salisbury evolve and want to help show off the talent in the city.

“Salisbury has evolved,” Rankin said. “Why not? Everybody is here, and we’ve got some talent.”

Wright said she wants Salisbury to be known as Salisbury, not Shotsbury, to show that it’s a positive town.

“We want to cater to the community and bring something here that’s semi-new but with a different twist since we’re bringing in multiple businesses together,” Wright said. “It will give the community something to do, somewhere to go, and bring a more positive outlet for kids out there.”

For more information about Full Force Production Co., call 980-234-5791 or visit rankupstudios.com