Ann Farabee: Give it up

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 6, 2019


What an important job Moses had! As magistrate, he was a lawgiver and judge among the people. He had many cases brought before him daily, because the people were always arguing over something! There were no limits on who could come before him with their complaints, so they stood around and waited their turn. He spent so much time dealing with their issues that he had no time left to do other important work.

Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, saw all the people and asked him, “What are you doing? Why are you sitting alone here, trying to handle all these problems of people that stand around you from morning until evening?”

Moses told Jethro that when the people had a concern, they came to him, and he was the judge between them. He would make known the statutes and laws of God to them.

That was obviously very important – and he was working hard to accomplish it.

But sometimes, there can be over-doing even in well-doing.

I would imagine that Jethro was shaking his head as he pointed out these truths to Moses:

*It was not good for him to try to handle it all by himself.

*It was too heavy for him.

*It was going to wear him out.

That usually takes a friend – or a relative – to step up and tell us that, doesn’t it?

Jethro told him to listen to him. He was going to give him counsel – and God was going to be with him.

Jethro then gave Moses a plan:

*Teach the people the statutes and laws of God.

*Show the people the way they should walk.

*Show the people the work they must do.

*Then, select some whom you trust – and know you can count on – to help you.

Moses listened. He did what Jethro said to do.

This plan brought the most difficult cases to Moses, the less-difficult cases to those he had appointed to help him, and the simple cases – the people could learn to take care of by themselves. Everyone took on responsibility. Everyone grew new skills. Moses had less stress. The quality of life improved.

Not only will delegating make it easier – but it can also make it more effective – when others help carry the load.

That’s right! We have to GIVE IT UP! It is not good to try to handle it all by ourselves. It is too heavy for us – and it is going to wear us out.

From the most simple tasks in the home – to the most difficult tasks in the workplace – and all the tasks in between, God’s Word once again gives us direction.

Brought to you by Exodus 18:13-27

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