Rollin’ in the river: Pickup fished from Yadkin River

Published 12:36 am Friday, April 5, 2019

What started out as a nice day and a nice way to spend a birthday ended with astonishment for Sean Phillips of Salisbury on Thursday afternoon at York Hill Boat access on the Yadkin River in Davidson County.

Phillips had just finished tying down his inflatable boat to the bed of a pickup and was leaving to go home to help his mother in the yard when he said the truck started rolling toward the water.

Phillips said he pumped the brake pedal but the truck did not stop. In a matter of seconds, the red Ford truck had rolled into the water.

Phillips had to crawl out of the cab onto the top of the truck.

A witness nearby said fishermen in a boat got Phillips back to shore.

No one was injured.

Family members came to pick him up but not before fishing out a single boot that was left in the water.