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Editorial: Could Landis board have done more?

I’ve lived in Landis for too many years now and cannot afford to move. I once asked the town of Landis if I could get some assistance because I was using medical equipment for my mother-in-law. Their response was “those machines don’t use that much power, there must be something else wrong.”

— Kelly Cooke Owens

Salisbury residents raise alarm about lack of fair housing action

It will be interesting to hear how Salisbury defines “fair housing.” What is it and what is the end design intended to accomplish? Where are the “unfair houses” in Salisbury? Or, does it mean a lack of “affordable” houses?

— Steve Poteat

The point to bringing this to the City Council was to indicate the need for the city to address developing recommendations to the Council of Governments for inclusion in the main body of the report before it goes to HUD rather than as notes in an addendum.

— Whitney Peckman

Leonard Pitts: What happens to America after Trump leaves office?

I strongly feel this country under Donald Trump has gone so far down that it will not recover. Yes, the only hope for the U.S. is to rid itself of this horrible cancer.

— Pat Bullard

If President Donald Trump loses in 2020, he understandably won’t be happy, but he’ll accept it and move on. Remember when the left-wing media said if Donald Trump lost in 2016 that he wouldn’t accept it? Then he won, and guess who still hasn’t accepted it? Hillary Clinton, the left-wing media and Clinton supporters.

— Kris Cullman

New Americans: Mei Xue ‘Macy’ Dong …

We have been going to their restaurant since they opened. We have watched Mona and Jeff grow up. They are such a sweet, loving family.

— Beatrice Mahalick

Fundraiser set up for family of infant killed in dog attack

You print a story about this totally preventable, tragic incident and post a photo of the dog on death’s door. Where is the photo of the person who was actually responsible for this horrific incident? Really, who leaves a defenseless 6-month-old infant alone at all, much less alone with an animal?

— Kelly Emerson

Faith community rallies to protest school closure …

It seems like the school board has tried to look at an issue with blinders on. You should always consider communities in decisions. It makes you wonder why they built Knootz, Shive and even Carson.

Rowan County is on the bubble and could stay as is or grow like Cabarrus and Union counties.

— Glenn Eagle

I am an avid fan of community schools. I wonder what the statistics are relating to productivity and achievement scores when you move a child away from his or her home. I think there would be a decline for that individual student.

— Anna Samra

I think Rowan-Salisbury Schools should ask what it will do if Faith families all withdraw from RSS and go elsewhere. I love my home, my town and my school. My children’s education is in my control. If my voice is not heard, my children will go elsewhere.

— Michelle Sloop Deese

Letter: New York’s Ocasio-Cortez good for conservatives

This letter clearly points out how polarized we have become. Any subject is now black and white, with no gray area identified. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proposed a very ambitious goal with no clear and affordable way to get there. Randy Biggerstaff sides with Trump that coal is our future, just as it was back in the mid-1800s. The time has been reached where we need a third party so those of us capable of independent, fact-based thought can have a voice in the decision making.

— Eric Marsh

Cal Thomas: Democrats must face anti-Semitic issue

There is nothing controversial about what Rep. Ilhan Omar said. She stated that a political action group was using its money to influence American policy. That’s the whole point of lobbying. Just because the PAC was Jewish does not automatically translate into the bigoted trope.

— Chris Coleman

Josh Bergeron: Sunshine remains best disinfectant

As a citizen of our great nation, I sincerely hope that this current trend of claiming “fake news,” much like they do in Vladimir Putin’s Russia and other dictatorships, will come to an end.

— Lewellen Daniel Padgett

Plan would shutter Faith Elementary …

School board Chairman Josh Wagner said Koontz would keep its name but kept talking about unity. How does that promote unity? Wouldn’t it foster unity and community more if the school had a new name altogether?

— Brittany Zemanick

I‘m good with closing any of the money-pit schools. This frees up resources for the rest of the schools.

— Matt Laney

The teachers in the picture accompanying this article are probably asking Wagner why he and Superintendent Lynn Moody lied to them about one month ago when they said there was no plan to close Faith this year.

— Lucina Fraley

I appreciate the plan to put the career and technical high school at North Rowan. We have the room, and it solves the capacity problem.

— Carol Blume Everhart

Letter: Consequences of school savings

Community is another piece of this Faith puzzle. This community has three churches close by, and the impact closing the school could have on the three could be quite devastating. Families move due to the changes. That means lost members.

— Melissa Deal Waller

We bought property in Faith two years ago because Faith Elementary is where we wanted our daughter to go. The small school and community feel is like no other.

Our child is accomplishing so much  — from reading to test scores. She is academically doing the best she ever has. I feel that this comes from the small, community-based school and its staff of wonderful teachers.

— Blaine Calloway

If Faith Elementary closes, we will be removing our two children from the Rowan-Salisbury Schools, as there is not another elementary school in our county that we feel is as safe and as equipped to meet our children’s needs as Faith.

— Christine Bragg

Commissioners may need to bear costs
of demolition

It seems to me that, if the county has already given the school system money for demolition, it should be responsible or give the county back some money

— Michael Julian



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