Livingstone to offer Army ROTC in the fall

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 14, 2019

Livingstone College

SALISBURY – Livingstone College will offer an Army ROTC program beginning in the fall.

Through classes and field training, Army ROTC provides students with tools to become an Army officer without interfering with other classes and gives students money for tuition while enhancing their college experience.

“The most important thing about Army ROTC is that it gives you a solid foundation and a stepping stone in pursuing your career path as a leader,” said Curtis Dean, the assistant professor who will be the faculty liaison to the program. “By graduation, students will earn not only a degree but also a commission as second lieutenant in the Army, Army Reserves or Army National Guard.”

Army ROTC begins with a basic course of instruction taught in the first two years of college. Cadets learn the principles of leadership, Army history, and Army organization and structure.

During the final two years of college, cadets participate in an advanced course that teaches the principles of military leadership and military field craft and provides opportunities for adventure training, all designed to develop a cadet’s leadership skills and ability, Dean said.

If a student has at least two or more years remaining toward an undergraduate degree but not enough time to complete the basic course, students can enter the advanced course by completing the leaders training course at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer.

ROTC cadets committed to serving in the program are eligible for scholarships covering tuition and fees, $800 per semester for textbooks, and a monthly stipend of $420 for personal expenses. As a commission to second lieutenant upon graduation, graduates can earn a starting salary of $57,000 annually.

Also, graduates interested in pursuing a master’s degree can receive free tuition under the Army GI Bill.

“This new partnership with Army ROTC will help our student population pay for their education and develop strong leadership skills,” said Livingstone President Jimmy R. Jenkins. “We believe it is a great partnership for our institution as we prepare young men and women for the world.”

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