Catawba College teacher ed students visit Overton Elementary

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 14, 2019

SALISBURY — Catawba College teacher education students recently visited Overton Elementary School to engage first- and second-grade students in activities connected to multicultural literature.

The Catawba students visited the school as part of their field experience for the “Literature for Children and Youth” course. The visit served two goals — to introduce multicultural literature to the Overton students and to provide an opportunity for Catawba students to develop teaching strategies.

The visit immersed the first- and second-graders in a variety of multicultural texts and activities designed to encourage critical thinking and personal connections to the texts. Through texts such as “Show Way” by Jacqueline Woodson, “Anansi and the Magic Stick” by Eric Kimmel, and “The Rough Face Girl” by Rafe Martin, the Catawba students led discussions with the first- and second-graders about historical perspective, cultural traditions, folklore and celebrating differences.

Kim Creamer, program coordinator for elementary education, supervised the visit, assigned the students to work in partner teams, and divided them among the first- and second-grade classes at Overton.

While one student provided a literature activity for the first- or second-graders in the assigned classroom, a partner observed and provided feedback about the lesson. Each student then submitted a lesson reflection to Creamer to evaluate the teaching experience and prepare a path to continual improvement as a teacher.

Catawba students who visited Overton included Zach Alford, Karla Fragoso, Sierra Barger, Samantha Darby, Karla Fragoso, Gracie Gibson, Brittany Hager, Brittany Hunter, Bailey Koontz, Holly Messick, Jodi Nesbitt, Makenna Pate, Britney Read, Hollie Ritter, Shannon Statler, Leah Terraglio and McKenzie Upright.