Letter: Keep elementary schools open in Rowan County

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why does the Rowan-Salisbury School System keep trying to shut down elementary schools?

One big reason is saving money. This should not be a reason that the school system shuts down a perfectly good schools to make a bigger one.

This idea has been brought up in the past many times, but because of support from parents and the community we have won the case every time.

The main reason why closures should not occur is because of the one-on-one support at these elementary schools.

In bigger schools, stress is caused because of the number of kids at that school. It’s a lot for younger kids to take in.

The schools may be old, but they bring memories we do not want taken from the community. The school system may think of them just as buildings, but it brings back memories of fun had to the people who attended these schools. The school board is trying to take that away from us, which isn’t right. It’s not right for the community.

If this goes idea goes through, would teachers will be laid off? That’s not fair. Teachers don’t even get paid a lot.

Education is a key factor to succeeding in life.

Think about the kids who are enrolled at these school right now. Pulling students from their school could affect them later. In conclusion we believe these schools should stay.

— Bryson Thomas Wallace, Megan Federico and Samantha Booth

Rowan County