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Atwell Township 

Michael C. Allen and spouse to Brian Glenn Jones and spouse, $495,000

Randy Lee Corriher and spouse to Randy McClamrock and spouse, $330,000

Foley Home Sales, LLC to Douglas J. Foley, $290,000

Foley Home Sales, LLC to Russell Alan Tarbox and wife, $267,000

Jeffrey T. Wilhelm and wife to Jeremy Eric Brown and wife, $240,000

Leslie P. Lucky and husband to Lisa Jean Seagraves; Jenifer Shannon Seagraves, $195,000

Hollywell, LLC to James Matthew Renwick; Glenda L. Renwick, $171,500

Curt Dunning and spouse; Sara Ann Lindsey to Daniel K. Keckeisen, $146,000

Corey Blake Thomason and spouse to Tiffany A. Proven, $140,000

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Troy E. McMillion, $85,000

Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee to US Bank, NA, as trustee for Manufactured Housing Contract Senior/Subordinate Pass-Through Certificate Trust, $80,500

Randy Lee Corriher and spouse to Randy McClamrock and spouse, $66,000

Allen Dale Thompson, Administrator for the Estate of Archie Lee Thompson; Allen Dale Thompson; Deana David Thompson to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Successor by Merger to Wachovia Bank, National Association, $41,000

Vic Alan Mullis, by Luanne Fesperman Mullis, his attorney-in-fact; Luanne Fesperman Mullis to Landon O’Bryan, $30,000

Rebecca Wright Herman and husband to CMH Homes, Inc., $27,500

Todd A. Carlton and wife to Kevin F. Connor and wife, $21,000

Gabriel Roberts and wife to John Bosco Obugene, Jr., $20,000

Jessica Early to Canizalez Builders Corporation, Inc., $13,000

China Grove Township 

Vickie H. Troyer to David Neils Terwilliger and wife, $435,000

Larry D. Gillam and wife to Vickie Hall Troyer, $381,000

Virginia L. Moore, Executor of the Estate of Carlos J. Moore; Virginia L. Moore to Lizanne K. Kreitzer and husband, $275,000

Stephen G. Hartman and wife to Nicholas A. Corn and wife, $253,500

True Homes, LLC to Daniella Casey and spouse, $225,000

True Homes, LLC to Tyler Adam Mihalik, $223,500

True Homes, LLC to Lonnie R. Mitchell and spouse, $219,000

True Homes, LLC to Jose Belandria and spouse, $213,500

Michael R. Grindstaff; Staci M. Grindstaff to Deidra Michelle Helms, $200,000

Timothy C. Hendren and wife to Jordan Blankenship and wife, $185,000

Kevin McMillian and wife to Kaycie Philemon Truitt and husband, $175,000

P&I, LLC to Thomas Helms; Debra Ellen Hyatt Helms, $174,000

Jeffrey R. Ritchie and spouse to Ashley Lauren Hopper; Eric Craig West, $173,000

Lonestar PSP Partnership, LLC to Edward Cresssell, Jr.; Haley Cressell, $168,000

New Life Developers, LLC to Delphia Elise Florence, $150,000

Bradford T. Kauffman and spouse to Michelle Lynette Wall, $135,500

Marc C. Lomartire and wife to Stefan Joel Hill, $128,000

James C. Milem and wife to James Chadwick Milem, Jr., $120,000

State Employees’ Credit Union to SECU*RE, Inc., $108,500

Craig Anderson Nichols and spouse to Patricia W. Dickson, $95,000

Atlantic American Properties, Inc. to Patti L. Whittaker, $93,000

Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee to Rabon Properties 2, LLC, $70,500

Aaron Keith Whitley and wife to Bradley Eugene Sherrill; Daniel Christian Sherrill, Co-Trustees of the Sherrill Family Trust, $70,000

Cornerstone Cabarrus, LLC to Followers Properties, LLC, $62,000

Cornerstone Cabarrus, LLC to Followers Properties, LLC, $62,000

Humberto Amaya and wife to Everado Tello Herrera and wife; Ever Antonio Tello-Perez, $60,000

Cornerstone Cabarrus, LLC to Shifa 1, LLC, $52,000

Smoky Mountain Equity, LLC to Shifa 1, LLC, $50,000

Clive Lobo and wife to Ismail Usuf Nalwala, $50,000

Marvin M. Fleharty and wife to Terry S. Barringer and wife, $18,000

Home Town Realty of Salisbury, LLC to Luis Suastegui and wife, $17,500

Robert Lee Smith and spouse to New Life Developers, LLC, $9,000

Cleveland Township to Dorothy Barber Ellis to Robbie Williams, $125,000

Annnie Clark Moseley to Kurt M. Stukbauer and wife, $40,000

Franklin Township 

Built Green, Inc. to Robert L. Caldwell; Judith w. Caldwell, Trustees and Successor Trustees of the Caldwell Joint House Trust, $334,000

Jeffrey L. Roby and wife to Amy S. Shue, $285,000

Lewis A. Meng, Jr. and wife to Brent H. Parks and wife, $280,000

Anh C. Nguyen and wife to Ted Fuller and wife, $225,000

Jason M. Sturdivant; Tanya M. Sturdivant to Andrew J. Esposito, $190,000

Susan F. Mackey to Megan Phillips, $172,500

Carol Renee Coates Scheidt to Wilfred Scott McKenney, III and wife, $138,000

Little Sister, LLC to Trinidad Torres Sanchez, $84,000

Jeffrey Jordan, Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Donald Richard Jordan; Sharon Jordan Newkirk and husband to Chase W. White, Jr. and wife, $8,000

Gold Hill Township 

Derek H. Porter and wife to Joyce M. Cross, $220,000

Lennar Carolinas, LLC to Justin Daniel Urtel, $208,000

Justin M. Wirth to Jesse Hahn; Jennifer Frale, $190,000

Matthew S. Linebarger, Jr. and wife to Priscilla Rush, $189,500

Mary Cristine McKinney to James Harold Holmes, Jr. and wife, $175,000

James H. Holmes, Jr.  to Traci Williams, $172,000

Joanna Bach Smith to Tammy Peeler Bowers, $150,000

Michael A. Frost and spouse to Gerald Hoose and spouse, $112,500

Linda T. Hess and husband to Kaitlyn Clark Smith, $100,000

David Lynn Smith and wife to Richel A. Carnegie and wife, $38,000

Leisa B. Davenport and husband to Kramer Properties, LLC, $4,500

Litaker Township 

Jason B. McDougall; Tricia R. Staggers to Michael Grindstaff; Staci Grindstaff, $338,500

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to Charlene M. Mares, $243,000

Joseph N. Jarrell and wife to Scott K. Smith and wife, $195,000

Donald Ray Park to Mackenzie Catanese; Chase Barrinter, $129,000

Melissa C. Morgan and husband to IRA Trust, FBO Ryan Leben, $120,000

Jason Morgan and wife to Ira Trust, FBO Ryan Leben, $90,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to NewRez, LLC, $65,500

Bible Missionary Baptist Church of Kannapolis, Inc. to Gregory A. Blount and wife, $62,500

Stevie B. Bell to Shawn Peters, $50,000

Estate Developers, LLC to David James MacDonald and spouse, $50,000

Kenneth W. Fink and wife to Jeffrey Mills and wife, $20,000

Locke Township 

Curtis D. Royal and wife to 3DA’s, LLC, $750,000

Morteza Tajlili; Lois M. Tajlili, Trustees for the Morteza Tajlili and Lois M. Tajlili Revocable Living Trust to Matthew Lee Finney and wife, $250,000

Michael D. Miller and wife to Presley Ray Sanders, $185,000

Zilka Durmisevic and spouse to Maria Guadalupe Cruz Monroy; Sofia Monroy DeCruz, $131,000

WJH, LLC to Chantalley Benton, $123,000

WJH, LLC to Arkida M. Battle, $121,000

Lela K. Neff to JSF Builders, Inc., $111,500

Angel Quintero Samano and wife to Henry E. Byrd, $81,000

Juanita L. Pickeral to Emily West Hoose, $72,000

Mary Katherine Plexico, Executor of the Estate of Frances Wilhelm Weant to Ray Howard Lewis and wife, $30,000

Bank of America, NA to Miranda Ann Porter, $28,500

Jesus Adrian Landeros Diaz to Ramiro Arriola Rosales, $23,000

Morgan Township 

Peggy Jo Sperber; Phyllis Ann Alford; Sue K. Harms; J. Andrew Porter, Trustees of the Baxter Ribelin Revocable Trust to Peggy Jo Sperber, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Estate of Thelma A. Ribelin and husband; Phyllis Ann Alford, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Estate of Thelma A. Ribelin and husband; Sue K. Harms, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Estate of Thelma A. Ribelin, $205,000

Lucy Wilson Walker and husband to Seth Austin Davis and wife, $181,500

Lomartire Realty Trust to Margaret P. Stoudt, $178,000

Tad M. Earnhardt to Suzanne Earnhardt Childers and husband, $77,000

Andrew Benson Christenbury, Sr. to Trevor Lowell Hallenbeck and wife, $48,000

Lomartire Realty Trust to Margaret P. Stoudt, $45,000

Ricky Joe Beachum to Andrew Benson Christenbury, Sr., $19,000

Charles D. Stamper to Michael Don Linnane, Jr., $10,000

Mount Ulla Township 

John Raymond Maddox and wife to Colley John Frank and wife, $40,000

Providence Township 

Baxter Ribelin Revocable Trust to RTB Associates LLC,; DEB LLC, $444,000

Von Coolidge Poston; Peggy Denise Poston Howe and husband; Jeffrey Alexander Howe; Rachel Carol Poston Rabon and husband to Jerry S. Menster and wife, $185,000

Sharlene A. Streeter and husband; Bryan C. Alley and wife; Carrie Jo Alley; Ginny A. McCullough and husband; Mark S. Alley and wife; Kendall K. Alley and wife to Jose Gonzalez Gutierrez; Aquilina Rodriguez Barrios, $154,000

Darren E. Troutman to Mark Powell and wife, $126,000

Anna Lisa Drew to Trent Maverick Earnhardt, $93,500

Justin Thomas Merkwa to Chantilly Properties, LLC, $79,000

Thomas H. Shea and wife to Dusty Lyle Agner, $36,000

Dora Marina Garcia to Ignacio Sanchez, $25,000

Salisbury Township 

Amanda R. Deadwyler to Tar Heel Pharmacy Properties, LLC, $509,500

ELAR Properties, LLC to Jeffrey C. Slagle and spouse, $365,000

Robert Brian Pritchard and wife to Ligon Lee Gillespie and wife, $260,000

Estate of Deane Curry Cline to Charles L. Graeber, II; Lori S. Graeber, $220,000

Buller River Development Partners, LP to Cerberus SFR Holdings, II, LLP, $205,000

Gary S. Yost and wife to Jennifer Hughley, $149,000

Lynn A. Denison, by her Attorney-in-Fact, Jane Bryan to Brenda J. Durbin, $122,000

Rita Gail Livengood to Barbara J. Muir, as trustee of the Barbara J. Muir Living Trust, $119,500

Innovative Home Pros, LLC to James L. McDaniel Construction, LLC, $117,000

Veronica D. Holt to Chase A. Whitley; Ashley Sedberry, $112,000

Donald Ray Basinger, Jr; Brenda Morgan-Goble and husband to Richard Elwood Linke, Jr. and wife, $108,000

Douglas A. Smith and wife to John Granison Crook and wife, held as joint tenants with right of survivorship with Eve Danielle Walker Crook, $100,000

Owen E. Miller and wife to Mirna Pineda and husband, $100,000

Ketner’s, Incorporated to LINKompany, LLC, $73,500

Calude R. Shrum and wife to FGH Flipz, LLC, $60,000

SunTrust Bank, successor by merger to SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. to Wilson Casanova, $52,000

Joel K. Sheets and spouse to Homes by Exodus, LLC, $51,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust, $51,000

Joel Stofford and wife; Walter Stofford and wife to William Thomas Bohannon, $47,000

Claude R. Shrum and wife to JJRA Investments, LLC, $45,000

Kay Ham; Sokheurt Sao to Sherman Eugene Phifer, $10,000

Margaret D. Varnadore to All 4 U Homes, LLC, $55,000

Scotch-Irish Township 

Cynthia Beaver Wilson and husband to Hillary Rae Robinson, $150,000

Steele Township 

Walter M. Goodman, Jr. and spouse to Jared S. Smith and spouse, $216,000

Areli Duarte Serrato and spouse to Abraham Duarte Serrato, $85,000

Edith L. Barger; Sharon B. Graham, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Charles Barger Estate and husband; Ronnell B. Grubb, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Charles Barger Estate; Linda B. Howard and husband; Wanda B. Bogle and husband; Cheryl L. Marshall and husband to Donald R. Bogle and wife, $25,000

Edith L. Barger; Sharon B. Graham, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Charles Barger Estate and husband; Ronnell B. Grubb, Individually and as Co-Executor of the Charles Barger Estate; Linda B. Howard and husband; Wanda B. Bogle and husband; Cheryl L. to Bryant T. Graham and wife, $25,000

Unity Township 

Christopher Dean Gobble to Candy Michelle Bean and spouse, $160,000

Adam White to Crystal D. Pierce, $15,000



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