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Deeds — February

Deeds issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle, February 2019

Atwell Township 

Joe H. Ervin Grading, Inc. to Eric Lane Wilson and wife, $160,000

Laura H. McNeely as Trustee for the Hensley Family Trust to Daniel R. Rosenbalm and wife, $595,000

Bonnie J. Williams Lentz, as Successor Trustee of the June R. Williams Revocable Living Trust to Sandra S. Stamey and husband, $150,000

Thomas H. Gardner and wife to Michael R. Dayton, $19,000

Foley Home Sales, LLC to William Alexander Moffat, Jr. and wife, $265,000

Makson, Inc. to Josh E. Drechsler and wife, $351,500

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, $26,000

China Grove Township 

Michael Besok and wife to Joseph M. Pennartz and wife, $170,000

Mack N. King Family Limited Partnership to Jeffery Vance King, $10,000

R. Brian Johnson and wife to Jose Yunior Benitez Juarez; Clara Saucedo Fraire, $35,000

R. Brian Johnson and wife to Jose Yunior Benitez Juarez; Clara Saucedo Fraire, $35,000

T-Four, LLC to Antonio Santos and wife, $75,000

John Harrison Russell, Jr., Executor and Individually and wife; Jenie Russell Wright; Shirley Russell Lewis and husband, heirs of the Estate of Margaret Russell Sherrill to Justin Harrison Jordan, $114,000

Susan Maine Wilson and spouse to Bryan C. Davenport, $83,000

River Walk Enterprise, LLC to Nathan J. Graham, $10,000

River Walk Enterprise, LLC to Gabriel L. Barnhardt, $30,000

True Homes, LLC to Sydney Kenny; Nathan Lambert, $213,500

True Homes, LLC to David J. Alfultis; Jessica D. Neuman, $179,500

Frankie L. Musselwhite and wife to Chad Crainshaw, $16,000

Frankie L. Musselwhite and wife to Chad Crainshaw, $16,000

New Life Developers, LLC to Mary Ann Binkley; Steve Binkley $295,000

Sherwood R. Keener; Kay Keener Smith and husband; Rex Alan Keener, Sr. and wife to Patrick Ryan Keener, $60,000

Gregg Denoncourt and spouse to Amy E. Pavlo, $139,000

Gary Panepinto and wife to OfferPad (SPBVorrower1), LLC, $123,500

Frankie L. Musselwhite and wife to New Life Developers, LLC, $10,000

True Homes, LLC to Calvin Tion Richardson and spouse, $202,000

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Stella Somerson, $35,000

Erma Jones to Chad Crainshaw, $21,000

James Michael Martin; Ginger Martin Overcash and husband to Justin T. Rimmer, $140,000

Barbara Deal Shepherd; Helen Verline Sloop; Patti Deanine Byrum; Rick Byrum; Mark Childress; Janet Childress to Tommy R. Sloop, $30,000

MRW Investments of Concord, LLC to Lener Alexander Miranda Alvarado and wife $28,000

Carolina Builders of Cabarrus, Inc. to Anthony Serrano Sanabria; Stephanie Yariver Garcia Baez, $180,000

Shue Road China Grove NC Properties, LLC to Pamela Beaver, $150,000

Keira Elizabeth Spring to Courtney Wines Kincaid and husband $155,000

Michael Besok and wife to Joseph M. Pennartz and wife, $215,000

Claude Odell Black; Janie Love Black; William Everett Black and wife; Penny Efird Tarlton; Sylvia Efird Robinson and husband; Charlene Efird Norton; Valerie Truman and husband; Charles Eugene Erird, Sr.; Arvil Lee Black; Fred Junior Black and wife; Angela Morgan Perry and husband; Tammy Morgan Long and husband; Timothy Morgan and wife; Donald Edward Black and wife to John H. Black, $28,000

A & B Property Rentals, LLC to Derek Pernesiglio, $900,000

Franklin Township 

Marjorie G. Kelly to Gary Lin Ellison and wife, $215,000

Richard L. Dillon and wife to Robert Wayne Jordan, $175,000

Diane B. Hundley to Anthony P. D’Mello, $207,000

Rodney Craig Pierce and wife to Alex L. Sithong and wife, $24,500

Bentley Construction Company to Luis Alberto Alvarez Lopez, $114,000

Timothy Dale Bost and wife to Stephen Lance Pender, $70,000

Phillip B. Dobbins; Sarah Dobbins Hoffman and husband; James Richard Brady to CMH Homes, Inc., $23,500

Lola L. Floss to Donimic Jefferies and wife, $167,000

Nancy J. Schroeder to Zacheree Lemmon, $105,000

Carolina Rentals, LLC to William Haynes, Jr., $105,000

Rabon Properties 2, LLC to Gary E. McClintock and wife, $105,000

Gold Hill Township 

Tommy G. Long and wife to Jason D. Gardner, $90,000

Lisa Poole Ledbetter to William A. Cruse, Jr., $150,000

Lennar Carolinas, LLC to Shaun R. Halstead; Jessica Halstead, $199,500

Gregory Scott Smith and wife to Bao Chau Pham Tran, $118,500

Catherine S. Horn, by & through her attorney in fact, Andrea Horn Fitzgerald to Joshua E. Copeland, $142,000

Sharon R. Goodson to Cynthia Ann Gupta, $104,500

Audra Cole Perry and husband; Erin Cole Pastushok; Matthew David Belk and wife to Timothy Neal Botts, $123,000

Jason Campbell Burke and wife to Phyllis Joan Faires, $53,000

Justin Charles Phillips to Jay Landon Edmonds, $165,000

Piedmont Properties Investors, LLC to Ricky A. Grubbs $225,000

Litaker Township 

David S. Lafrage; Joseph Edward Lefrage to Jeffrey Scott Maxwell, $9,000

Robert L. Gardner and wife to Adam Tyler Shue and wife, $46,500

Marcelino Ortiz Castillo to Jorge Ortiz Castillo, $20,000

Locke Township 

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to BMS Investment Properties, LLC, $184,000

John Lambert to Sandraa Arteaga; Pedro Pineda, $54,000

Plantation Ridge to Richard L. Dillon and wife, $285,000

Charles Willliam Brayton and wife to Lance E. McGrew, $125,000

Edward J. Franchi to Francisco Alvarez-Gomez and wife, $144,500

Kyndal Fisher and husband; Deborah Fisher and husband to Sherry R. Jones, $219,000

Morgan Township 

Phyllis J. Faires and husband to Harold L. Davis and wife, $410,000

Andrew Norman Frick and wife to Edwards Timber Company, Inc., $152,000

Emily C. Blevins, by and through her agent, Michael R. Blevins to Jonathan Allen and wife, $195,000

John C. Dickson and wife to Ryan C. Barkley, $70,000

Mt. Ulla Township 

Phillip A. Weaver and wife to Joshua Scot McIntosh, $75,000

Providence Township 

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Santander Bank, NA, $58,500

Rose Lyerly Cook and husband to Joseph E. Keener, $38,000

Richard Odom and wife to VLS Builders, LLC, $25,000

Mark Robert Jeroszko and wife to Dona Misenheimer Peacock, $5,000

NC Postal Holdings Limited Liability Company to James T. Suzuki; Yuriko Suzuki, as Trustees of the Suzuki Revocable Living Trust, $455,000

Arthur Vance Thomas, Sr. and wife to Estefany Jimenez Jacobo, $45,000

Joel W. Scott and wife to Kenneth P. Boley and wife, $23,500

Randall E. Brown and wife to Leslie Y. Ramsey, $225,000

Timothy B. Jones and wife to Justin Matthew Jones and wife, $312,500

Salisbury Township 

Byron Brush Construction, Inc. to Osiris Lizeth Coello Rivera, $129,000

Realty Income Corporation to 730 JAB LLC, $800,000

Paul Kenneth Harrill; Karen J. Harrill to Kevin D. Carlton and wife, $130,000

Kimberly Frye Miller and husband to Daniel Clifton Perry and wife, $46,000

Catherine Givens Welch, Executrix of the Estate of Catherine Rose Odom to William A. Wood, $21,000

Laurel H. Adams, as Heir; Laurel H. Adams and spouse to Ronald Lewis Moss and wife, $152,000

Pal-Co, Inc. to C M United Group, LLC, $8,000

Lisa W. Glover to Nikki M. Baker, $157,000

Rafael Romero Nava and wife to Antonio Hernandez Hilario and wife, $10,000

Victor L. Johnson, Sr. and wife to Mint Morson LLC, $42,000

Tina Doby Corriher to David Lee Corriher, Jr. and wife, $75,000

Petrona Escalante Guzman to Cruz Cobos Colorado, $29,000

Mossy Oak Properties, LLC to Followers Properties, LLC, $26,000

Jeremy Adam Tatum; L. Cristian Angel to Aimee Noelle Ellis, $85,000

Robert M. Van Geons and wife to Robert Chris Michael, $152,500

Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County to Santos Pineda; Noelia Agular, $47,000

John B. Prestwood to Sandoy Kelly, $161,000

Grady L. Ingle, Substitute Trustee to BMS Investment Properties, LLC, $49,500

Cornerstone Cabarrus, LLC to Richard Twum Barimah and wife, $38,500

Robert F. Boone, Jr., Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Shirley Boone, and wife; Sherie Yvone Boone; Lisa B. Godbey; Tracie R.  Boone; Charles E. Boone; Mark A. Boone to Teresa J. Lynn, $10,000

Andrea Epting Powell and spouse; James Edward Epting, Jr. and spouse; Amanda Snipes Spencer and spouse; Lauren Hope Snipes Collins and spouse to Robert Brian Pritchard and wife, $359,000

Y & Y Group, Inc. to Yong & K Enterprise, LLC, $400,000

Doris Boyd Brown and spouse to OfferPad (SPBVorrower1), LLC, $147,500

Demarques PE Thomas, Individually and Demarques P.E. Thomas, Trustee of the Panstar Holdings Trust to Barrington Mitchell, Trustee of the Barrington Mitchell Revocable Trust, $13,000

Steele Township 

Janice B. Poteat, by & through her attorney in fact, Jeffrey N. Poteat to Janice B. Poteat, for and during the term of her natural life, remainder to Jeffery N. Poteat; Rhonda Poteat McDaniel; Angela Poteat Knox, having a one percent undivided interest; Janice B. Poteat, having a 91 percent undivided interest, $7,000



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