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Talkback: What readers say about …

… ICE statement came as surprise for council members

I love that the police chief said, “To ensure all persons are assisted when they may seek help from the Salisbury Police Department, we do not as a practice inquire about a person’s immigration status.” Also, I love the mayor’s attitude of hospitality as evidenced in her statements. Her position affirms the biblical mandate to “welcome the stranger.”

— Karen McGee Puckett

I support Mayor Al Heggins. And I welcome hearing from the rest of the council about how they will be supporting all residents of Salisbury.

— Teresa Rowell

The undocumented are not allowed to vote, plain and simple. We should not accept the deception that noncitizens can cast ballots in our elections. Why would they run the risk of discovery and be deported?

— Reginald Brown

As a Salisbury resident, I support Mayor Al Heggins’ communications with the public and commend her publicly squashing rumors rather than allowing them to spread unnecessary fear. I believe her Facebook address to residents about the rumor of ICE raids was timely and appropriate.

— Pam Everhardt Bloom

Letter: Mayor’s statement opens city to illegal immigrants

I can’t believe our own mayor would open us up to crime and gang activity with this statement. ICE is a law enforcement agency and I would hope the community where I live would welcome ICE with open arms should the need arise for it to intervene.

Cathy Cowan Basinger

The mayor is cooperating with the law and is reassuring all victims of crime to trust the police.

— Dora Mbuwayesango

No charges after North Iredell-East Rowan fight …

Let me be clear. The “spectators” that got involved were strictly to separate and keep anyone from getting hurt. Let’s keep this article unbiased.

And shame on Dr. Paschal for the negativity toward good citizens who were trying to protect kids on both sides of the ball. On another note, this began with much more than a shove.

— Jessica Shives Livengood

It should be noted that North Iredell had two players with technical fouls, one of whom was also ejected from the game, before the incident started.

— Kate Linker

… Great Catawba team has reunion

This is a very thoughtfully written and inspiring article about this special group of Catawba men. These teammates and their collective high achievements remain an important part of their lives and for the wider community of family and friends.

— Pat Halton

… Dean apologizes
for 1982 Confederate flag photo

This is just being overly sensitive. Having to apologize for a photo taken 38 years ago is silly. It is time to calm down.

— Cynthia Hillard

Who are the unnamed students who complained? Why won’t they be open and honest?

— Bern Beatty

Editorial: Exciting time for downtown Salisbury

So where will these “tenants” be parking? I work downtown and there are always cars in spots where we are supposed to park for the workday.

— Misty Daniels McDaniel

Downtown Salisbury does not currently have a parking problem. It has a walking problem. The number of parking spaces is adequate. If we create a parking problem with development it is a good thing. We should be creating more parking problems to solve.

— Michael S. Young

… What’s being built on Jake Alexander Boulevard West?

The fact is that, to my knowledge, there is no one recruiting business to the city of Salisbury proper. The Rowan Economic Development Commission exists to recruit large manufacturers to anywhere in the county.

Existing businesses downtown pay additional taxes to fund a position to, among other responsibilities, recruit new businesses to fill vacant storefronts. There’s no entity or position charged with recruiting businesses to the rest of Salisbury.

— Barry Douglas  Robinson

… Bertha Harrison Dupre: A veteran who won’t be forgotten

What a shame that there were no relatives to claim her body and arrange a service befitting her. I’m glad she will be honored.

— Jean Morgan

It’s sad that she did not have this public honor in her lifetime and no relatives to claim her. Full military honors are fitting for her. May her name take a place in history.

— Patsy Eller Koon

As a Navy veteran much later than this fine lady, I am so thankful that her story is being told. She is so deserving of this remembrance.

— C. Diane Elliott

… Why not pursue redistricting reform now?

As commendable as Colin Campbell’s suggestions are, and as much as I believe in them as well, I think he and I both know it’s just a pipe dream. Gerrymandering is a tool used by both sides. Republicans screamed for redstricting reforms until they gained power. Then, it was the Democrats screaming for it.

— Eric Shock

School board talks through CTE high school plan

Many of the high schools already have the facilities and offer many of the programs already listed. Why not use the current facilities we already have since these schools are nowhere close to capacity? South Rowan High used to have carpentry, drafting, robotics and certification to become an electrician. It currently offers many of the other programs. I’m sure the other high schools used to offer much of the same.

— John Davis

I don’t know what Kool-Aid Chairman Josh Wagner has been drinking, but I’m not for this proposal as presented. There are other schools that are more appropriate for this school than what they are thinking.

— Craig Pierce

Editorial: City Council’s relationship must improve

It is obvious, if you watch actions closely, that several members are attempting to obstruct the unity of Salisbury by undermining the mayor.

— George W. Benson

The mayor’s history of making controversial statements prior to consulting the City Council makes it pretty obvious who is obstructing unity. I hope the voters remember this come next election.

— Vera Cope



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