Photographer talks with South Lunch and Learn students

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 14, 2019

By Kayla Christy

South Rowan High School

On Jan. 31, South Rowan High School held a Photography Lunch and Learn with Blair Phillips, a national award-winning local photographer and business owner.

This was South Rowan’s fifth Lunch and Learn of the year. The next will be on criminal justice on Feb. 21.

During Lunch and Learns, students are able to gain information about an interesting profession. Although every Lunch and Learn to this point has been standing room only, this one was the most successful yet, as more than 50 students from South Rowan gathered to hear Phillips motivate them to action.

This is particularly impressive considering students are giving up their lunch time to learn, but everyone who has ever gone to a Lunch and Learn agrees: It is more than worth it.

Phillips spoke about his journey to living a life he loves and gave the Raiders advice on how to become a photographer and business owner one day.

He explained to his high school audience that his past wasn’t easy; in fact, he described it as a “hard journey.” But Phillips said he had to “put his big-boy pants on” and grow up as he began to pursue his dreams of owning a photography business.

Although life as an entrepreneur hasn’t always been easy, Phillips credits a lot of his success to staying humble, being kind, focusing on his family and building strong relationships in the community. This was evident as he volunteered his time to talk to budding entrepreneurs and photographers.

Phillips gave some specific life advice he lives by daily: “Be quick to listen, and slow to speak.” Some students wrote down tips, and others soaked up every word.

To wrap up his speech, Philips said, “I am living a life — a life that I love.”

There was only one thing we were thinking at that moment: We at South Rowan can dream about being just as successful as Phillips, but to also be in love with our profession, too.

We are thankful to career coach Brad Holda and career development coordinator Blaire Goodale for opportunities such as career fairs, Lunch and Learns, informational interviews, job shadows and internships, to name a few, to help us come closer to figuring out our future endeavors so we, too, can live a life that we love, just like Blair Phillips.

It’s now up to us to take action.

To learn more about Blair Phillips Photography, go to