Kenny Isenhour appointed Landis interim town manager

Published 10:26 am Tuesday, February 12, 2019

LANDIS — The Board of Aldermen appointed Kenny Isenhour as interim town manager but provided few answers for Landis residents to questions about town finances at an emergency meeting Tuesday morning.

In the three-minute meeting, the four aldermen present unanimously agreed to appoint Isenhour, the current police chief, effective immediately. It was announced Friday that Isenhour would become town manager after the resignation of Reed Linn.

“I don’t know whether to tell you congratulations or salutations, Kenny,” Mayor Mike Mahaley said. “I do know this: You’ll do a fantastic job for us.”

Isenhour responded with one word — “condolences.”

Landis resident Meredith Smith spoke after the meeting was adjourned, asking for updates about the town’s finance officer.

Last week, Mahaley announced that the town is being investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation over allegations of embezzlement. Town Manager Linn and Finance Officer Ginger Gibson resigned. They are two of the three subjects of the investigation into Landis’ finances.

“I do speak for the majority of all the citizens in Landis, but I definitely speak for the majority of the people who work for the town of Landis,” Mahaley said after the meeting. “They’re heartbroken and upset just by allegations.”

Mahaley said he is unsure when the investigation will wrap up and when a permanent town manager or finance director will be hired.

“We’re at the mercy of an investigation,” he said. “There’s a lot going on. It’s moving fairly fast.”

Towns are required to have both a manager and a finance director, he said.

He asked residents of Landis to be patient with the town and the aldermen as the investigation continues. When they are able to, Mahaley said, town officials will provide answers.

“Bear with us. We’re on top of it. And I have made a pledge to all the media, to a whole lot of citizens here: As soon as we find something out that we can let out as it goes play by play, we will do that,” Mahaley said.

Isenhour will continue as police chief while serving as interim town manager. He declined to comment about becoming town manager or other information regarding the town.

Although it was on the agenda, the aldermen did not go into executive session to discuss legal matters.

Alderman Tony Corriher did not attend Tuesday’s meeting.